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Although it may have been more than three years since game of thrones aired this polarizing finale, it looks like fans are about to let go of all the negative feelings they have now that Dragon House is set to release on August 21, 2022.

With the official trailer released, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come, many people are eager to see the Targaryen Civil War finally unfold while being introduced to a plethora of new characters. Even the most dedicated hardcore fans have taken to Reddit to express their joy that they can now see much more entertaining storylines as well as a few other things.


Set the tone

Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

Although the full trailer gave viewers a glimpse of new stories to come, for Redditor brihameditthey are “pleased to see how [the trailer] portrays the general mood. Previous trailers were designed to give you chills. They set the tone very effectively.”

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Although fans are already familiar with the setting and overall theme of the show, the trailer sets up the changes that will be made. Things might not be quite the same, considering this is a prequel and it’s set in a more magic-filled time and the question wasn’t which family will lead. Westeros, but who will succeed the Targaryen bloodline.

More dragons

For the user pizza_chef_, they say they’re “really excited to see the adult dragons in there.” although they “hope they’re not all the same size as Daenerys’ dragons in GOT”. Luckily for them, the dragons are guaranteed to be much bigger than the original trio in game of thrones.

The new dragons are more closely related to the dragons native to Valyria, so they are larger and perhaps have a wilder personality. Dragons aren’t close to extinction yet, they’re still bred and tamed by the Targaryens, and there’s no one around to tell them to refrain from using dragon fire, so it’s assumed that there will be much more dragon strength. used on the other 6 realms.

See it unfold

Rhaenyra and Daemon in the House of the Dragon

Reddit user ASHES984 said “I was so apprehensive about it, but honestly, I’m getting a little excited.” Many fans are worried about the quality of the show since the last season of the original show got such a negative reaction from the viewers, but after seeing the trailer, many fans have decided to give this franchise another chance.

Many people who haven’t read the novels have no expectations for this story, which not only gives the show’s creators some breathing room, but viewers can enter with an open mind and don’t feel the need to compare the two shows.

The great soundtrack

Alicent and Rhaenyra in the House of the Dragon

While the special effects team has recently received a lot of praise for the time and effort put into the series, Redditor ScientistShrimp also decided to praise the score, stating “Ramin Djawadi has done it again”.

Djawadi previously worked with famed composer Hans Zimmer and became a respected and accomplished musician in his own right working on artists like game of thrones, Westworldand Eternals. He is known for composing interesting and emotional scores for every project he worked on. It’s no surprise that he was re-recruited by HBO for the game of thrones prequel, given how well his previous work was received.

High quality

User techphile says “This trailer perfectly exemplifies one of the main reasons GOT is held in such high regard. ‘incredulity.” The Redditor then compares the two shows to Amazon and Netflix, saying that while their original shows are high in production, they tend to look “too clean” overall.

The sets presented in the Dragon House the trailer, like the red keep, seems to be lived in and almost dirty in some way. Attention to detail is very important in shows like this because the world of game of thrones is so steeped in history and it’s really the little things, like the cracks in the floor or the little symbolism in the clothes, that really bring the show to life.

Back to basics

Editor PirateRobotNinjaofDe thinks “HOTD has everything that made GOT great up until 11. Politics, drama, intrigue, and drama. Great characters and great moments. High stakes. Moral ambiguity.” The trailer sets up a great story that is seemingly true to the books and is a much more intimate story than what was shown in game of thrones.

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It won’t expand on Westeros and Essos, focusing primarily on the internal politics of the Iron Throne. This will give the show a more focused tone and give the writers more room for dialogue and exploration of the complicated history of the Targaryen family. The most popular episodes of GOT are those that are heavy on dialogue and center on strategy and drama, so if Draco’s Housen is something like that, we can say that the show will be a great success.

costume appreciation

Reddit user Sierra S9 says “The costumes were one of my favorite aspects of GOT. I remember being speechless when I got to see the actual level of detail that went into them.” Costumes from past seasons have certainly had an impact on fans. Not only do all of the clothes contain incredible detail, but most of them are also full of subtle symbols or accessories and patterns that match the character’s personality.

Daenerys’ three-headed dragon pin features on most of her outfits, Margaery has often been seen in pink printed fabrics, and Cersei and Sansa have expressed their true feelings through clothes and hairstyles. Fans should expect more stunning costumes, courtesy of Jany Temime, the new lead costume designer, whose work is best known for the Harry Potter and james bond franchisees.

Unique Scenarios

House of the Dragon Paddy Considine King Viserys I Targaryen

Editor JurassicEvolution says “Honestly, though, it won’t just be Daenerys 2.0 or Viserys 2.0. It’s got a massive cast, each with different motivations. There will be schemers, liars, anti-heroes, jerks, just like GOT. Also, the story is already finished by GRRM itself, I wouldn’t neglect the series so quickly.” While the Dragon House the characters will have a similar vibe to Daenerys and Viserys, they are from the same family, after all there will be a lot of things that will set them apart.

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This show will allow viewers to get a glimpse of the infamous Targaryen dynasty and how they ruled Westeros, and fans might even see Stark or Lannister ancestry as well. The story already written by the creator of the whole series is also a huge plus, because many people say that the fall of game of thrones began when the TV writers wrote their version of the ending.

talented actors

Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

Reddit user immaculate65 praised Matt Smith’s performance, saying, “He nails the Targaryen confidence and arrogance perfectly. I was skeptical at first, but man, it looks crazy.” Smith is best known for his roles as the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who and Prince Phillip in The crown.

Although there were some criticisms when he was first cast as Daemon Targaryen, fans seem to be warming to him as he gets closer to the premiere. Longtime fans of Smith know how versatile he is as an actor, however. He seems to embody the personality and attitude of Daemon, who is known to be a rather unlikable character in the book, and since Daemon is a central character in the story, Smith will be able to show off his brilliant acting throughout. from the Serie.

Alicent and Rhaenyra rivalry hinted

HOTD Young Rhaenyra & Alicent

User al_1985 says “I like this shot of young Alicent and Rhaenyra praying together close to each other, then cuts to the next scene with their older versions, sitting apart at the table. Reflecting the demise of their friendship.”

Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen are two of the leading ladies of Dragon House, it has been confirmed that the show will document their childhood friendship and span a few years, showing how the friendship fell apart. Given that the feud between House Hightower and House Targaryen is one of the main storylines, it’s safe to assume that these two will feature heavily and fans will delve deep into the dynamic of Rhaenyra and Alicent and how the feud affects this dynamic.

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