10 Of Quentin Tarantino’s Most Interesting Unrealized Projects

For every movie that Quentin Tarantino did, it turns out there’s a lot he didn’t. He’s a filmmaker who seems to live and breathe movies, and throughout the many times he’s publicly discussed film and his career over the past 30 years, he’s revealed many projects that have never seen the day.

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There are dozens and dozens of these unrealized projects that Tarantino has discussed or teased throughout his career, but here are 10 of the most interesting. It’s likely that all of these movies would have made good – or at least interesting – films, but most will probably never see the light of day (though fans may still be holding their breath for a few of them).


A full version of “My Best Friend’s Birthday”

Birthday of my best friend is a movie that Quentin Tarantino nearly finished but lost a lot of the footage before it could be finished. It was meant to be a complete comedy, centering on a DJ (played by Tarantino himself) throwing a birthday party for his recently dumped best friend.

It was supposed to be a feature, maybe around 70 minutes, but never got past 36 minutes due to dropped frames and Tarantino’s move on to bigger and better things. For what it’s worth, these 36 minutes edited together are available to watch, though the video quality is mediocre, and it’s certainly nowhere near as good as what would become Tarantino’s first film: reservoir dogs.

A movie “Luke Cage”

In the early 1990s, Tarantino considered doing a feature film based on the comic book character Luke Cage. Of course, Cage is best known these days thanks to the 2016-2018 Netflix series, so luckily the character ended up being portrayed on screen.

Still, it’s interesting to wonder what Tarantino would have looked like on the comic book character’s backstory. If Tarantino had made a Luke Cage movie and he was successful, would the world of superhero movies look completely different now, given the idea that an early to mid-year superhero movie 1990 was still pretty niche? We will never know for sure…

“The Vega Brothers”

reservoir dogs and pulp Fiction are both among the best films of the early 1990s. Curiously, they each contain a character with the last name “Vega”; reservoir dogs a Vic Vega (AKA Mr. Blonde), and pulp Fiction a Vincent Vega, played by Michael Madsen and John Travoltarespectively.

Tarantino acknowledged that they were both great characters, confirmed that they were brothers, and floated the idea of ​​making a prequel starring the two, which would join reservoir dogs and pulp Fiction together. Although as the actors got older he accepted it would be too difficult to remove, it will therefore unfortunately never be realized.

A sequel to “Kill Bill”

The idea of ​​a third party Kill Bill The film is Tarantino’s oldest unmade film that could still happen. While the story of The Bride certainly ended at the end of Kill Bill’s part two, one of the people she planned to kill may still be alive, and another has a daughter who herself may be seeking revenge for the murder of her own mother…

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On top of that, Tarantino floated the idea that by Uma Thurman real life girl, Maya Hawk, could play the bride’s daughterin a third movie, and it’s easy to see why it all has potential. It’s still unclear if that will ever happen, but if there’s an unrealized Tarantino project that could still materialize very soon, it’s probably this one.

A Kung Fu film in Mandarin

One of Tarantino’s most surprising unrealized projects would have to be his plans to film a kung fu movie in Mandarin, with separate versions released: one with English subtitles and another with an alternate English dub. dialogue in Mandarin. It might have alienated some of his fans, but the idea of ​​Tarantino paying homage to the old kung fu movies he loves makes sense.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 had a great deed, after all, and Flight. 2 was pretty heavy on martial arts movie tropes, thanks to the whole training sequence. And Tarantino didn’t make another full action movie like Kill Bill before or since, so the idea of ​​him taking on the genre again was exciting.

A “Grindhouse” suite

Crusher is a double homage to the cult 1970s exploitation films and itself became something of a cult film, making little money at the box office but appealing to those who saw it. Robert Rodriguez directed the first film, Planet Terrorand Tarantino directed the second, Proof of death.

Each director got a chance to go wild and indulge in the kind of stuff they loved to see in older films, and for audiences who loved that stuff too, Crusher was a real treat. There’s all the potential in the world for the two to do a second Crusher double feature, and every director has talked about the idea of ​​doing it before, but the odds don’t seem too likely at this point.

A remake of 1973’s “Westworld”

When there was a plan Westworld remake (which ultimately never saw the light of day) in the 2000s, Tarantino was apparently one of the first filmmakers to consider directing it, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was even attached. It may have been too crazy an idea to happen, and the movie remake flopped…although Westworld would later end up becoming a hit TV series, so all was not lost.

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That being said, however, the plans for the movie not working out is one of the reasons we still haven’t seen Tarantino take the plunge into directing a sci-fi movie. It’s a shame because although Tarantino has made films spanning many genres, sci-fi has never been one of them, and it would be nice to have at least one sci-fi film directed by him at some point. given.

A medieval movie

Of all the unusual unrealized projects Tarantino has mentioned, this is perhaps the one with the least known details. That’s arguably what makes it all the more interesting, because while Tarantino has gone back in time for his last four movies, he’s never gone as far as the Middle Ages.

This is where he wanted to shoot his next film after Inglourious Basterds, at one point. Of course, that didn’t happen, and all we know is that Tarantino wanted to do it. full of swear words and violent, and also wanted Helen Mirren have a share. It could all be filed under “too crazy to work,” but it would have been fun to see Tarantino give it a try.


Django/Zorro is one of the more recent projects Tarantino has discussed that has yet to see the light of day. It was (or is?) intended to be exactly what the title suggests: a film that couples Django (of Django Unchained fame) with the iconic swordsman, Zorro.

They’re the kind of couple Tarantino could probably make work as a filmmaker, and the film’s script was worked on by the comedian/actor. Jerrod Carmichael. There’s a lot of promise, with those names attached and the basic premise itself, but over the years since it was first discussed, the chances of it going into production seem to be growing. thin.

A “Star Trek” movie

As far as Tarantino’s unmade films go, the single more infamous and heavily discussed than Kill Bill Vol. 3 is probably his defeat star trek film. In the last years of the 2010s there was a lot of talk about what was going on and what it might look like, but by 2020, Tarantino has unfortunately confirmed that this will not happen.

Who knows for sure if that would have been good. Sure, Tarantino has a passion for Star Trek, but he’s never done anything like a star trek movie before. Yet, on the other hand, that’s what made it so interesting, and once again a chance for Tarantino to make a sci-fi movie has vanished. Hoping that some Tarantino sci-fi can still exist in our future.

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