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Since it was written in the ’60s, the track record in bringing Frank Herbert’s sprawling sci-fi opus to life has not been good. However, it looks like in the hands of famous filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, fans will finally be able to see an accurate and awe-inspiring take on one of the most famous science fiction novels ever written. In addition to praising the director of contributions to the genre as respected as Arrival and Blade runner 2049, Dune Also features a sprawling cast of top actors (including Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Josh Brolin) and a score by famous composer Hans Zimmer.

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Despite the many components to recommend it, Dune has its share of detractors. From the feeling that Villeneuve won’t be able to tell the story properly on many levels to the thought that David Lynch did it better in 1984, and even that he won’t live up to the hype that his tapes- ads generated, Reddit users have ‘I didn’t hesitate to share a number of unpopular opinions.

Dune is boring and stupid

June 2021

With its richly constructed narrative, a myriad of royal houses rivaling the aristocratic complexity of Game Of Thrones, and philosophical concepts at several levels, Dune (in any iteration) has almost never been described as “extremely boring”, but denq_aurea finds its plot to be “an easy, cliché storyline” with characters “a child could imagine”.

It’s important to note that this Redditor hasn’t read any of Herbert’s books, which are filled with philosophical concepts that will be classified as fascinating or boring, with very little common ground. In addition to the breathtaking passages, there are also a lot of wild moments from the Dune series of books that movies cannot show.

Dune contains faulty logic

Gurney (Josh Brolin) and Paul (Timothee Chalamet) on the set of Dune 2021

One Redditor argues that because “humans on the whole are smarter than audiences of the past” and scrutinize every aspect of today’s science fiction films (from fictional technology to character logic), Dune should never have been done. The flawed logic inherent in his concepts of space travel, spice mining, and even the proposition that humans would eliminate all computers in the future indicates to them a disconnected perception of the modern public.

The original book was written in the 1960s and was based on understanding the construction of planets, artificial intelligence, computers, and space travel as understood at the time. Most importantly, in addition to being a product of its time, Dune also accomplished what a lot of science fiction was doing then – it came up with what “could be”, rather than “what was possible”.

Dune won’t live up to the hype

Paul wielding a dagger in Dune 2021

From the trailer for Dune premiered, fans have been groomed for the excitement and Redditor Idonthaveagoodname92 wonders “how can a movie live up to this hype?” suggesting the new movie won’t be able to answer to the expectations of the public, especially those who compare it to The Lord of the Rings.

Few films meet all of viewers’ expectations, and those who have read Herbert’s novel may find the film particularly difficult to connect with its source material, but people have rejected the the Lord of the Rings trailers when they premiered as well, complaining that they would never live up to JRR Tolkien’s books. In the end, many of the changes from the the Lord of the Rings books have actually helped films to be viewed in a more favorable light.

Dune looks really generic

Based on the movie’s trailers, Mobpu12 decided that it “looked super generic and underwhelming,” citing that despite an “incredible cast,” the rest of the aesthetic looked “super cookie-cutter.” room “. This is not usually the kind of feeling that films directed by Denis Villeneuve receive, especially since his filmography includes many titles with unique aesthetic choices.

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Often times, directors have very little say in how their film is marketed, especially when it comes to how producers dictate how a trailer is put together. It’s possible that what now appears to be a “cookie cutter” will appear a lot more eye-catching and interesting once the movie is released.

Dune should beat Star Wars

C-3PO from Star Wars and Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in Dune

Nathanielhmoore thinks that because Dune “has a more guttural way of approaching [mature themes] which could really say a lot in today’s social climate, “it should become more popular than the Star wars franchise. While the two are considered “sci-fi fantasy”, the two franchises are generally considered to be incomparable.

George Lucas is said to have borrowed several concepts from Dune when he created the original Star wars trilogy, but its films have generated a multi-billion dollar, decades-old franchise precisely because it has distilled “mature themes” into universally applicable themes that can be enjoyed and understood by an audience much larger than that of the trilogy. ‘Herbert. books. Also, all the quality pieces of genre fiction are inspired by each other, and now Star wars has inspired Dune.

Jason Momoa is misinterpreted as Duncan Idaho

Dunca Idaho kneeling in Dune

Duncan Idaho is played by action star Jason Momoa in the new movie, and one Redditor thinks he’s a terrible choice for Paul Atreides’ defender and one of the most skilled swordsmen to ever walk the sands. from Arrakis, citing that “Idaho [is] supposed to have black curly hair and be slim / nimble. “

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Many of the characters in the film look nothing like their novel counterparts, but Momoa being portrayed as Idaho is generally considered one of the less serious offenses. Josh Brolin, portrayed as Gurney Halleck, doesn’t have long, stringy blonde hair and doesn’t even get a chance to play tag!

Denis Villeneuve just remade David Lynch’s film

Dune: David Lynch has no interest in Denis Villeneuve's film

While not everyone agrees with David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune correctly captures Herbert’s book, the filmmaker is unique enough that his work appears original. Redditor Severe_Reason believes that Denis Villeneuve’s version “is LITERALLY a remake of the David Lynch film” rather than his own adaptation of Dune, in which he needs “twice as long to literally tell the same story”.

Most fans of Villeneuve’s work would say that while he has a certain reputation with reboots after Blade Runner 2049, he has his own take on Herbert’s book, a vision that will be totally different from anything Lynch has created.

And Villeneuve shouldn’t have his name so related to the film

Denis Villeneuve Dune next big sci-fi franchise

A Redditor believes that because Villeneuve “isn’t a household name” and doesn’t have an “impressive resume” of films, he shouldn’t have his name so attached to Dune, but also thinks David Lynch’s fame for the 1984 version is well deserved and appropriate.

Villeneuve has steadily increased his name’s notoriety among moviegoers over the past decade with films like Sicario, Prisoners, Arrival, and Blade runner 2049, so if it’s not a household name it will be soon, and Dune maybe that’s what makes it one. When it comes to David Lynch’s version, even the most ardent Lynch fans are divided over whether his name should always be associated with a movie that some believed was under his talents.

Dune should be a Game Of Thrones-style miniseries

dunes movie poster

kgm2s-2 think that because “the world of Dune is so rich and detailed, the themes so poignant and the characters all so memorable “that he deserves his own Game Of Thrones-esque mini-series rather than a 2-3 hour movie. They would be happy to “watch 8 years of 10 hour episodes of Dune in the blink of an eye “, comparable to the charts of the hit HBO series.

Dune was already made into a miniseries almost two decades ago with mixed results, and as good as it is, Game Of Thrones is also a caveat about what happens when a creative team fails to bring an incredibly complex plot filled with dozens of characters to a satisfying ending that fans will come to terms with.

Dune doesn’t deserve to be done

Film and book on the dunes

While it has been literally decades since the world of Dune was explored onscreen, Redditor Rutard 54 believes that since the book wasn’t very good, it “doesn’t deserve a movie adaptation at all” as it is just “Sand Dunes. Spices. [and] Space. ”This view is seen as incredibly reductive, with a common belief that the film is worth making precisely because the book is full of so much more.

Herbert’s book and its sequels are considered to be one of the most difficult fictions to ever make for film, but no matter how complex their plots, their sprawling characters, or their philosophical concepts, fans still aspire to a film that captures what they stand for because the scale of their story is so epic.

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