A charming yet inspiring story

Sony Pictures Classic continues to produce some of the best films year after year. They have a new movie coming out this weekend, The Phantom of the Open, and I will share my opinion and whether you should check it out or not.

The film follows Maurice Flitcroft, who has a dream like all of us. One day, he sees golf on TV and decides he wants to become a golfer. He managed to qualify for the British Open Golf Championship in 1976 and followed to shoot the worst round in Open history.

I didn’t know the story of Flitcroft before watching the movie and I’m really blown away by Simon Farnaby’s adaptation of this charming story. The way he can balance this weird-but-true story with comedy, drama, and a huge heart of inspiration is truly outstanding. It’s one of my favorite scripts lately.

The Phantom of the Open mixes charm and inspiration for a sincere film

If life was a cup of tea, my jeans are the sugar.

Mark Rylance is downright amazing as Maurice. To take this character who went from ordinary dad to overnight sensation and bring him to life in a way that charms us, makes us laugh but ultimately makes us root for his journey was awesome. Rylance continues to thrive in this space and we are rewarded in every film he is in. However, I believe Sally Hawkins was just as brilliant as his wife, Jean. She played the perfect, supportive wife to balance out this crazy story.

Craig Roberts brings his A game to the director’s chair bringing Simon Farnaby’s screenplay and Maurice’s story to life. Even in the little moments of dreamlike atmosphere that Maurice has, those moments are brilliantly shot that captivate you. Another standout was the soundtrack which, for its time, isn’t shocking how great it is, but they still have some amazing songs to be part of the movie.

Globally, The Phantom of the Open is a brilliant film that everyone must experience. If you’re a golf fan, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of inspirational stories, you’ll love this. You won’t want to miss this one.

The Phantom of the Open opens in select theaters June 3, 2022.

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