A comedy horror set at Owen Sound Hits Film Festival Circuit

A new movie set in Owen Sound is hitting the film festival circuit at the end of the month.

cult herois a 93-minute comedy horror film directed by the Collingwood Film Society which is filmed in part, at Moreland Place on the outskirts of town.

It follows washed-up “cult breaker” Dale Domazar (Ry Barrett) and Scenic City real estate agent Kallie Jones (Liv Collins) as they try to save her husband (Justin Bott) from a cult. .

“It’s crazy, it’s weird, it’s bizarre, but it’s great fun,” says director Jesse Thomas Cook.

“You have this main character that Liv plays, who is kind of the quintessential control freak ‘Karen’ type caricature, whose marriage is going nowhere, so she enlists her depressed husband in a wellness center called Hope Acres, which is filmed at Moreland Place,” Cook says, explaining, “Turns out that wellness center is a cult – and she’s unable to get her husband back from the clutches of the dodgy guru there, so she is forced to hire this failed cult breaker and together they team up.

Cook says, “They really are an odd couple. He is very hot-headed and impulsive, and again she is a control freak and very set on her ways. So together they must team up and infiltrate this sect to save her husband.

Cook says this is the sixth film he has made in the region. The main location for this one is Moreland Place, which the cook says has been used in some of his other films, including The Hexecutioners (2015) and Monster Brawl (2011). He says Collingwood Film Co. has been working with Moreland Place owner Barry More ever since.

“He’s got a bunch of pretty cool houses across Owen Sound,” says Cook, who notes that while the company does its pre-production, development and post-production in Collingwood, they like to film in Owen Sound.

“Mostly because of the goth vibe of the town,” says Cook, adding that it doesn’t have a kitschy touristy feel to it, “Owen Sound still retains that century-old gothic vibe that I really love and it lends itself really to the kind of cool, action and horror movies we make.

He notes that the company’s 2015 film The Heexecutioners features a number of Owen Sound-area crews, actors and extras. “From there, we just met so many wonderful people from the arts community in Owen Sound,” says Cook.

Cult Hero traveled to the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year to be screened in a program featuring genre films nearing completion. Cook says they were able to premiere about 20 minutes of the film and attend a film festival networking party called Frontiers.

Cult Hero is now heading to the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, which runs from mid-July to August. Cult Hero will premiere there on July 30.

Cook says after that it will tour a number of other film festivals, including one in Sydney, Australia, before screening in Owen Sound at the Roxy Theater in January 2023.

“We’ve got our big homecoming, which is the screening I’m most excited for because everyone’s going to recognize each other and the area on screen,” Cook says, adding, “We’ve done some many of our prime ministers at the Roxy, we love it there.”

Cook says his company also just shot another movie in the Annan region in June. He says it’s another horror comedy called Vessel 17, which he hopes to complete next spring.

Content Warning: The trailer contains violent scenes

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