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Netflix released their interactive film in collaboration with WWE, Escape the entrepreneur. There are many paths that viewers can take, and while there is no definitive ‘good’ ending, the goal is to stay alive long enough to help The New Day escape the Horror Mansion of Taker. If you happen to make a choice that results in the opposite, it will automatically redirect for you to choose another choice.

With just over 30 minutes to go, you don’t have to be a WWE or wrestling fan to participate. However, there are little nods to The Undertaker’s lore (including a nice bundle of Paul Bearer footage). Escape the entrepreneur is a gimmick through and through.


Let’s address the elephant in the room – it’s probably something longtime wrestling fans will be in awe of. After all, most people wouldn’t expect The Undertaker to be involved in something of this nature. But it’s not like it’s the worst game on any of his stuff we’ve ever seen. It’s understandable that one of the best parts of the character is that he’s mostly remained a mystery for decades, so fans will likely want this to continue to preserve his powerful mystique. I am guilty of this myself. When the project was announced, even though I love Big E, Kofi, and Xavier, I wondered if this was the right call to make. Personally, I was satisfied and there was no harm.

Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods in Escape the Undertaker

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On the flip side, it’s a nice change of pace for The New Day, one of WWE’s best modern tag teams who have established themselves as a future Hall of Famers. They carry most of the load (I mean, they’re the ones trying to escape here). The silly and fun nature of the tag team is part of what has taken them to incredible heights of popularity over the years and it continues all the way to the small screen. They fight their way through traps, spooky fog, and the final boss himself, The Undertaker, to grab and destroy her urn.

In my opinion, it’s certainly more suited for young fans, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing if you’ve got what it takes to make it to the end. It almost leaves me craving more interactions between the two. Before Taker’s retirement, it certainly would have been an interesting final round, to say the least.

If you make it to the end, prepare to be greeted by a cheering Undertaker who congratulates you on barely escaping as he takes his hat off to you. In all, Escape the entrepreneur is as cheesy as it is rewarding. Will you make it out of the Undertaker’s lair alive?

Escape the funeral directors is available to stream on Netflix now.

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