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Tamil cinema or Indian filmmakers in general perhaps suffer from their lack of understanding of what constitutes a “healthy entertainer”. They seem to believe this is a movie that should have something of everything. This resulted in horror movies with comedies, kids’ movies with item numbers, and love stories filled with social messages. And of course some of them, to be honest, were entertaining as well. However, the tonal changes of Sivakumarin Sabadham (SS), in his quest to be a complete “masala movie”, leave us perplexed.

Half an hour after the movie started, I really understood what Sadha must be like in Anniyan, seeing the romantic Remo transform into a psychotic killer without warning. What starts out as a sentimental scene in SS turns into forced comedy and then turns into action, before eventually returning to the original emotional point it started at.

The director duo seem to have found this idea to be their formula for success, given that they keep repeating it over and over again throughout this film. The characters keep jumping from emotion to emotion, but all that left me with was numbness. On paper, it’s a serious story about a grandson’s journey to reclaim the lost glory of his grandfather, once a famous silk saree weaver. As a rule, such stories are strewn with obstacles, but here the main obstacle seems to be their unbearable ignorance. If either of them had asked obvious questions at crucial times, there might not have been a conflict in the first place.

Saving grace is the self-awareness of this film as it travels through delicate territory. Sivakumar tracks down Shruti, on behalf of the pursuit, but eventually realizes her problem and apologizes to her. The most memorable scene from SS belongs to this list, where Adhi goes meta and states that he created Club La Mabbu La out of culture shock and is now mature enough to respect people’s personal choices, no matter what. or their sex. These are warm moments that testify to the evolution of this artist.

Adhi also shows tremendous improvement as a dancer, but still has a long way to go to sell the emotional scenes. YouTuber Prankster Rahul gets a lot of screen time, but most importantly, doesn’t add much to this movie. Mayuri’s Shruti, on the other hand, has a vision and a purpose in this film. However, it might have been better to see her actively direct the plot, rather than being reduced to a cheerleader for Sivakumar.

While films are an important means of awareness and education, the angle of the silk weavers in SS seems superficial. The war between native weavers and modern textiles is superficial and seems like an excuse to introduce a personal vengeance angle. The real problems of the weavers are barely addressed by this film which seems to believe that it is their crusader. Notice that we get a lot of superficial films about farmers? Well, we have a similar film here, but only, this time, they are not farmers… they are weavers.

Movie: Sivakumarin Sabadham

Director: Hiphop Tamizha

To throw: Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi, Madhuri, Jester Rahul, Adithya Kathir, Elango Kumanan


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