AACTA and Monster Pictures team up to research genre ideas



After last year’s iteration saw six optional projects, AACTA is set to team up with Monster Pictures to lead a horror and genre film development initiative.

The AACTA 2020 Pitch: Isolation saw nearly 200 applications, and through a series of development cycles, the film crews had to demonstrate clear planning around finance, marketing and audience development. Ultimately, eight projects were selected to participate in a live pitch final at AACTA ScreenFest.

Writer / Director Jordan Watton and Producer Julia Corcoran’s Burning won this event, receiving $ 10,000 and an exclusive distribution deal with Monster Pictures.

However, Monster Pictures director Grant Hardie was so impressed with the concepts that after the 2020 competition, with production company Chris Brown Pictures in Paradise, he picked five of the other first-round finalists’ projects. They now work with the teams to develop their projects and market them.

One of these projects is that of Aaron McCann Jonesy, which, as IF reported, was recently selected to participate in the Frontières International Co-production Market.

AACTA Award and Director of Industrial Development Ivan Vukusic said: “This is an incredible result for the first year and due to this resounding success, on behalf of the AACTA team, I am extremely happy to announce that we are continuing the competition with the 2021 initiative which will soon be launched “.

The theme for 2021 will be announced on August 30, but Hardie hints, “Let’s just say this year we’re looking for movies with a real bite.”

The complete list of projects selected by Monster Pictures and Pictures in Paradise:

BURNING: Jordan Watton, Julia Corcoran

Under-performing alien who works as a volunteer firefighter ignites a series of deadly fires throughout the bushfire season in his small town in rural Australia

FIERCE: Christian D’Alessi, Jesse O’Brian

A single mother and her two children, trapped and hunted by the mythical ghost of the blue mountain, must escape the looming bushfires and take back their lives in hand.

JONESY: Aaron McCann, Michael Facey

When a lazy bridegroom’s house cat begins to telepathically convince him to help the feline murder the neighbor’s pet cockatoo, things start to get out of hand, as poor planning and incompetence lead to a triple homicide. grizzly bear and a desperate attempt at cover-up.

MIRROR: Samantha Price, Sean Loch

Crossing the desert to visit her ailing mother, an assertive teenager and her father are tracked down by a malicious entity who only reveals himself to her next victim.

ZONE OF TERROR: Josh Sambono, Laura Sambono, Lucca Barone-Peters, Colin Wilson

A lone assassin must face traumatic childhood memories before being consumed by a monster inside of her who has awakened.

REMOTE CONTROL: Kelly Baigent, Luke Kneller

In 2021, Australian local authorities investigating several human deaths at a decommissioned nuclear test site, found several discarded cameras. The contents of these cameras and the identity of the dead are classified: Top Secret. Anonymous whistleblowers gathered these images and, when put together, they reveal: an enthusiastic group of young academics from the University of Sydney visiting the nuclear test site to analyze the impact of radiation on flora and fauna .


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