Akshay’s Film Shows Potential for an Engaging Thriller


By Pragya Dubey |

Personally, I like watching thrillers. Honestly, I can’t wait for Indian cinema to deliver mind-blowing thrillers and I definitely wouldn’t pass up the chance to watch it, and I guess many of you will probably prefer this genre too. Along the same lines, a new movie trailer titled Cuttputli starring Akshay Kumar and Rakulpreet Singh in the lead role was dropped on August 20, Saturday. The movie’s trailer did a decent job of creating buzz. This is the story of a serial killer on the loose who must be tracked down at all costs to stop the killings.

Cuttputli’s the trailer dropped just a day after its teaser was released. The film will be produced under the Pooja Entertainment banner and was directed by Ranjit M Tewari. The producers of the film are Jaccky Bhagnani, Vashu Bhagnani and Deepshika Deshmukh. Cuttputli is located in the beautiful location of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. The trailer directly shows us the brutally killed victim of the serial killer, and then Akshay Kumar is introduced as the cop in the case. The trailer then goes deeper to give us more details about this Kasauli serial killer who leaves his victim’s bodies in a public place, presumably for us to see. From the trailer, we know the serial killer has already committed two murders and is planning a third. The trailer shows us a glimpse of how Akshay Kumar’s character decided to catch him, and it’s not through an elaborate plan but through psychological mind games. The Cuttputlli trailer shows intense action, gruesome murders and chases. This leaves behind the suspense of whether the police force led by Akshay’s character will be able to catch the killer in just two days or not.

Cuttputli will be broadcast on the OTT platform Disney plus Hotstar starting September 2, and only then can we know the serial killer’s ultimate fate. The trailer gives a lot, however, it still elevates curiosity as to what kind of mind game plans Akshay Kumar’s character has in store for the killer. The first look at the film is intense, and it looks like a promising and engaging thriller.

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