Amazon’s I Want You Back reviews are in, find out what critics have to say about romantic comedy Charlie Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is coming I want you to come backa romantic comedy featuring two household names in the comedy world – Charlie Day and Jenny Slate. In the film, the main duo find themselves single and unable to get over their exes, so they team up to destroy their ex-partners’ new relationships. Critics have seen the movie, which is slated for release on Amazon’s Prime Video on Friday, February 11, so let’s check out the reviews to see if you want to make this movie part of your holiday plans.

Charlie Day and Jenny Slate play Peter and Emma, ​​who are determined to win back their exes, Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood), respectively. Of course, rom-com hilarity ensues, but let’s take a look at what the critics had to say, starting with ours. Reviews on CinemaBlend. Eric Eisenberg gives the film 2.5 stars out of 5, saying that despite Day and Slate’s chemistry, I want you to come back fails to rise to anything other than your average rom-com:

Both Day and Slate are equally great in the film, and they continue to prove themselves in comedy – but it’s also hard not to notice that the film never takes full advantage of its stars’ phenomenal skills. It’s funny, but funnier ‘laughing’ than ‘I can’t catch my breath’, and while it never feels banal or manipulative as a romance, it’s overloaded with cliches and intrigue. threadbare that keep it from feeling distinctive or particularly endearing. You want it to be more because of the talent involved, but it doesn’t meet expectations.

Kate Erbland from IndieWire agrees that the movie isn’t quite sure what to do with its stars, and classifies the Jason Orley-directed movie as C+. However, she disagrees that the main couple have good chemistry, saying they suffer from the lack of screen time together:

It’s the old ‘food so terrible and in such small portions’ problem: Slate and Day don’t have the proper zip to be a cheering romantic couple, but we also rarely see them together enough to invest. in the possibility that they can get away with it.

Other critics find solace in I want you to come backdoesn’t try to break new ground and stay so firmly on the path of romantic comedies. Lovia Gyarkye from THR says the film’s self-awareness and the actors’ performances make it an airy and charming viewing experience:

Written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (This is Us), I Want You Back is a gritty, sugary story of a daring pursuit of lost love. The narrative sails to a satisfying ending. Jokes pass easily. The characters move in predictable directions. The film rarely strays from the conventions of its genre, and that’s not a complaint. Sometimes staying in one lane yields the most rewarding results.

Courtney Howard from Variety praises the “stellar” cinematography, editing and score, which help set the tone for the characters’ stories, but she says the film experiences a lull in the second act, especially when the lead duo don’t share not the screen:

The mid-section hits a plateau when it should seep with the pair’s blueprint taking shape, or rather not manifesting quite properly. Yet despite some pacing issues and predictable storylines, the film keeps us wholeheartedly engaged with well-drawn and well-acted characters, grounded shenanigans, and sweet, sentimental commentary about heartbreak.

Lena Wilson of The envelope said I want you to come back is easy to like, and the skilled team avoids the more problematic tropes sometimes found in rom-coms. It’s not without flaws, says Wilson, but Charlie Day and Jenny Slate don’t disappoint:

Screenwriters Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger (“Love, Simon”) are no strangers to subversive romantic comedy, and able to direct and edit Jason Orley (“Big Time Adolescence”) and Jonathan Schwartz (“Stuber”) respectively, together leads Jenny Slate and Charlie Day for maximum hilarity. The film ultimately feels a bit underdeveloped, but that seems like a small price to pay for a romantic comedy without misogyny and with relatively realistic characters.

Critics all seem to agree that Charlie Day and Jenny Slate are doing their part as romantic leads – and almost all critics are shouting Slate’s performance of “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors – so if you can get past the expected rom-com tropes, it looks like I want you to come back probably isn’t a bad option for your Valentine’s weekend planner.

I want you to come back will be available to stream Friday, February 11 on Amazon’s Prime Video. If you are a fan of Jenny Slate, check out other great cinematic performances of the actress, as well as other movies on amazon prime. Also be sure to check out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to see what’s coming soon.

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