American Retro Caravans’ Teardrop Trailer Revives Classic Airstream Design


The team in question here is American Retro Caravans (ARC). However, don’t be fooled by the name of the company as this team is based in the UK and seems to be considered one of the leading restoration specialists for vintage Airstreams and American RVs in the country. Don’t worry, you will get to know their work in more detail over the next few weeks because they are great at what they do.

Today you won’t see any of their restoration work, but rather their one and only teardrop-shaped trailer. As you get to know the ARC Teardrop you will quickly see some similarities to classic American teardrop trailers, but their own British touch has been applied as well, after all it is still a product intended to stand out from the crowd.

Now look at the images in the gallery and then go back to the text as it will make a lot more sense to have a visual aid for this process. One thing to know about ARC is that they use the same construction techniques as Airstream, in the process of resuscitating vehicles that are as Airstream as possible.

Because this crew is specialized in construction with Airstream techniques, the Teardrop uses the same construction principles, materials and techniques as the famous American brand. Yes you could say you are buying a UK made “Airstream” teardrop trailer.

As it stands, the Teardrop features a lightweight design but includes a decently spacious interior. With a weight of less than 750 kg (1653 lbs), a length of 10 ft (3.05 m) and a width of 5 ft (1.5 m), the manufacturer’s website shows that the trailer is towed behind a Mini. Countryman, although it is a suitably capable vehicle. I wonder if Grandma’s Camry will do. With powder coated aluminum and solid riveted construction, this puppy starts at £ 12,000, or around $ 16,350 at current exchange rates, which isn’t too shabby considering what you’re on your way to. to read.

Off-grid capabilities are something the CRA tries to apply to each of their vehicles, after all, that’s sort of the name of the trailer game. To help you get away from the city and make a living off the land, the Teardrop comes equipped with a roof-mounted solar panel, a 12-volt charging point, and a smart battery system that “will power trickle down ‘from your car while towing, keeping the batteries fully charged and ready to use again.

The back of the Teardrop also has more than enough space for the full kitchen you have in mind, but the trailer does include a 12 volt refrigerator and gas cooktop for the price I mentioned earlier. . The remaining space in the kitchen allows you to arrange as you wish and can easily accommodate a portable sink, merchandise storage and even more storage for items that have little to do with the kitchen, as a water supply.

The interior of this house on wheels also looks very welcoming and inviting. One of the main features that customers should appreciate is the level of light that is allowed to enter the trailer; none if desired, making it the perfect place to hibernate for a few days and return to the concrete jungle with renewed spirits.

This interior is handcrafted, features a double bed, an upholstered headboard and fabric covered walls. There is also a bit of faux leather and a suede cap. I wonder if it can be blue. Phone chargers, cup holders and plenty of storage are common in these RVs.

Like most other RV manufacturers and restorers, ARC also offers a range of features to choose from in order to make your Teardrop even more unique. Heck, just look at that huge projection screen that someone wanted in their trailer. Not in the movies in the wild? Just talk to the ARC team and find out how much more your off-grid ideas will cost you.

A modern / classic design, filled with space to make it your own, and what you might consider an Airstream. If this isn’t a motorhome you should consider for your next purchase, I don’t know what is. I wonder how much shipping will you run.

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