Annabelle Sethupathi movie review: Taapsee Pannu, Vijay Sethupathi’s movie is neither funny nor scary


Movie name: Annabelle Sethupathi

Director: Deepak sundarrajan

Horror movies these days don’t intend to do what they’re supposed to do. You aren’t afraid to watch the debates, instead you start laughing at the snaps that take place on the big screen. A horror movie rarely scares you. Latest comer Annabelle Sethupathi joins the list of grueling horror comedy movies.

Rudra (Taapsee Pannu) is a modern day petty thief, who aims to steal a palace, which was built by King Veera Sethupathi (Vijay Sethupathi) for his wife Annabelle (Taapsee Pannu). In the 1940s, Sethupathi and Annabelle lead happy lives. But, the couple are poisoned to death. Cut to 2021, Rudra and her family arrive at the palace to find it is haunted.

But, Rudra is drawn to the place. She learns the similarities between Annabelle and herself. When she realizes her power, she swears to free the inhabitants of the haunted palace.

Annabelle Sethupathi is a soulless, unoriginal, fantasy horror comedy. Under the pretext of parodying other horror comedies, the public is deprived of any new experience. The events unfolding on the screen do not evoke any kind of emotion – positive or negative. You’re just staring at the screen and sheer nonsense.

Director Deepak Sundarrajan’s attempt at light-hearted horror comedy is commendable. But, when the screenplay is full of outdated ideas, the audience can’t take so many. The film is based on burlesque and sitcom. Even there we have old jokes like Rudra from Taapsee who makes fun of Yogi Babu by calling him “Panni moonji vaayan (pig face). Such humiliating jokes about Yogi Babu continue to haunt him and the public.

Annabelle Sethupathi’s USP is the fantastic element. As a concept, it’s great to see ghosts from the past playing around onscreen. Again, this is not something you don’t have by accident. This is what makes Annabelle Sethupathi bland.

In several scenes, we think Yogi Babu really understands the plight of the audience. His character, Shanmugam, mocks a character and throws a boring joke. It feels like there is a representative of the audience inside the film.

Taapsee Pannu like Rudra and Annabelle is adequate. It’s a welcome change to see her having fun on screen. In the second half of the film, Taapsee introduces himself as Annabelle with a strong British accent. Not all part of the period makes the story look like the 1940s. Only their clothes tell you they don’t belong to the present.

For Vijay Sethupathi, his character is a piece of cake. What was disappointing was the way his character was etched. Veera Sethupathi is presented as a calm and serene king. But, he is calm even when his wife Annabelle dies at his hands.

Radikaa Sarathkumar goes too far with her expressions. Apart from Taapsee and Yogi Babu, none of the characters could have made an impact.

Many have suggested that Annabelle Sethupathi might appeal to children. But, when you have humiliating jokes and outdated ideas, even the kids won’t be able to stand the movie.

1.5 out of 5 stars for Annabelle Sethupathi.

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