Anthem movie review: “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his own words”

The documentary film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his own words won three major awards at the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival. The event took place this year from July 13 to 16 at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

The film, directed by Michael Pack, won the Anthem Grand Prize, the AnthemVault Award for Best Original Score, and the People’s Choice Award for Feature Film. It tells the life story of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas, in an in-depth and surprising way.

Michael Pack Receives Anthem Director’s Award, Jo Ann Skousen

an amazing life

The Life of Thomas epitomizes the classic American tale. He was born into a poor family in Georgia. His father abandoned the family and his grandfather took over his education.

Growing up a devout Catholic, he initially sought to join the clergy, but discovered racism in the Church.

He redirected his efforts, earning his BA, then was admitted to Yale Law School. While at Yale, he discovered the works of Thomas Sowell and Ayn Rand which changed his view of the world from liberal to conservative.

A series of positions in the private and public spheres led to his eventual appointment to the Supreme Court by President George HW Bush in 1991. He currently holds the title of longest-serving member of the Court.

The film’s interviews, and more, have been released in book form.

A special movie

Following the screening, festival founder Jo Ann Skousen spoke with filmmaker and director Michael Pack.

Skousen asked about the film’s inspiration.

Pack said he observed how focused liberals were on telling the story of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. He thought the life of a conservative judge deserved some attention and decided to try telling Thomas’s story.

Pack shared, “It took a while to come up with the concept of telling it in his own words. It started as a traditional documentary.

In the end, Pack recorded 24 hours of interviews with Thomas. He explained, “It was the longest interview ever given by a Supreme Court justice who rarely gives interviews.”

Pack continued, “The goal was to rock the movie. He went through many emotional and intellectual phases, and it takes a lot of work to get the audience emotionally touched.

Skousen asked if he had done anything else with those 24 hours of interviews.

Pack said he compiled them into a book that has much more detail.

Filmmaker Michael Pack with his Anthem Film Fest awards.

How to watch

The film began a theatrical release in 2020, but that was halted due to COVID-19. Pack said: “It’s my goal to reach the center of the country, not just the people in the room. Thus, the film can be seen on most streaming sites.

It is 120 minutes long and can be viewed on a variety of streaming services. Find out where you can see it on the film’s website. You can watch the trailer below.

The Anthem Film Festival, part of FreedomFest, has become my go-to place to find thought-provoking, fun, and meaningful films. You can find out more about Anthem, including information about all of their movies, on their website and Facebook page.

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