Arnold Schwarzenegger was brought in to get high on the junior set by Danny DeVito

While Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for blowing things up and taking on legions of bad guys, starting in the late 80s the terminator star briefly found his feet in the comedy genre thanks to the films twins and Kindergarten cop. In 1994, as well as a reunion with director James Cameron on the action blockbuster true lieshe also teamed up again with Danny DeVito on the comedy Junior, a film that tells the story of a scientist who undergoes an experimental treatment that sees him being impregnated. Although the film was moderately successful but not at the same level of comedy as the 1988 one twinsthe two actors seem to have had a lot of fun making the film, with DeVito once tricking Schwarzenegger into getting high on set.


In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel LiveSchwarzenegger discussed his upcoming reunion with DeVito on film TripletsFollowing twins, and it caused him to recall some of the pranks that had been played on him by his co-star. Finally, he said:

“There was one time I was shooting Junior, I remember and it was lunch break. And Danny said to me, he said, ‘Come to my trailer, I’m cooking good Italian food.’ And I said okay, so I went to the caravan, we ate Italian food, it was delicious… Then after he said ‘Arnold you always give me cigars and I always feel guilty. I have cigars this time, I want to give you a cigar. And then I said, “Well, that’s – well, I said, Danny, that’s really great.”

He gives me this cigar, very long, beautiful cigar – Montecristo, Aniversario. And then I put it in my mouth and I lit it and it just comes at me with the lighter and we lit it and I smoked it and it was fantastic. We arrive on the set, we continue the scene, I forgot my lines. I’m standing in front of the camera, it was a close up of me, Danny is behind the camera and the director says ‘action’ – Ivan Reitman – and I said, ‘uh… What am I supposed to say?”

‘Well we [continuing] with the scene, Arnold, before lunch, do you remember the scene when you and Danny were talking about dating and you’re now pregnant and all that kind of stuff? And so I said, ‘No, I don’t remember’, I said ‘What did we do before lunch?’ And so I had to go see the screenwriter, I had to check the script, I totally forgot everything. Then find out an hour and a half later when I finally started to remember the things Danny put marijuana in the front of the cigar again.

Junior Wasn’t A Complete Box Office Bomb, But Wasn’t One Of Schwarzenegger’s Finest Hours


Junior not only brought together the stars of twins, but also put them back under the direction of Ivan Reitman, who sadly passed away over the weekend, and proved that sometimes even putting together a successful team doesn’t guarantee box office gold. The film barely topped $100 million at the box office, which, on the back of its $60 million budget, was a far cry from the $216 million taken by twinswhich cost only $18 million to manufacture.

While Schwarzenegger had some success with his early comedy roles, follow-up films like Junior and Jingle All the Way, although he later gained a cult following, proved that what Arnie does best is act tough and blow things up, something he has thankfully done a lot more of in recent years than try to make people laugh. Following the death of Ivan Reitman, it will be necessary to proceed to a change of personnel on Tripletswhich could see his son Jason stepping into the breach, but in the meantime, Schwarzenegger will be seen combining his action and comedy work on kung fury 2, in which he plays “The President” alongside David Sandberg in a film starring Jorma Taccone as “Kung Fuhrer” Adolf Hitler, and David Hasselhoff as Hoff 9000, a character crew member from Sandberg who transforms into a car. Don’t pretend not to be intrigued.

Watch Danny DeVito Get Tricked By Arnold Schwarzenegger Before Filming Twins 2
Watch Danny DeVito Get Tricked By Arnold Schwarzenegger Before Filming Twins 2

The Triplets will reunite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito for their belated Twins sequel, but the pair have already started laughing.

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