Asa Butterfield plays deadly game in Choose Or Die trailer

A new Choose or Die trailer shows Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans haunted by a cursed retro video game in Netflix’s upcoming horror flick.

The trailer for Netflix’s latest thriller, choose or die, pits Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans against a deadly 80s video game. The horror film follows Kayla de Evans, a cash-strapped college student who, alongside Isaac de Butterfield, plays a retro survival game for the purpose of winning an unclaimed cash prize. In doing so, Kayla and Isaac unwittingly release a deadly curse that sees them fighting for their lives. Join Butterfield and Evans in the awesome choose or die the actors are Eddie Marsan, Ryan Gage and horror legend Robert Englund.

As revealed by netflixthe latest trailer for choose or die gives fans their first look at Kayla and Isaac’s terrifying battle against the aptly named video game, CURS>R. The trailer is packed with gruesome moments, teasing CURS>R traversing through reality, with a scene showing Kayla choosing the fate of an innocent waitress. A later scene shows Isaac reacting to the game by mirroring his words as he speaks, before another appears to show Isaac glitching in real life. Endowed with many Seen-like moments, the trailer ends with a montage of horrifying moments, including a particularly nasty scene that includes a sink full of needles. Check out the trailer and some first look images below:


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Choose or Die Eddie Marsan Screenshot

CHOOSE OR DIE game screenshot

Choose or Die Kayla and Isaac Screenshot

Choose or Die Grace Screenshot

Choose or Die Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Isaac and Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Isaac and Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Isaac and Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Isaac and Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Kayla Screenshot

Choose or Die Kayla Screenshot

choose or die looks like a fantastic mix of black mirror and Seen, and the first trailer hints that the film won’t hold back from forcing Kayla and Isaac to make many gruesome choices. While Butterfield and Evans have already proven themselves to be excellent actors in their own right, neither is known for their horror acting, so choose or die could be a great entry point for young actors. It’s also interesting to see how Robert Englund will appear in the film, as the trailer doesn’t reveal the horror legends part. Kayla and Isaac’s fate will be decided when choose or die begins streaming April 15.

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