‘Athena’ Trailer, Release Date, Plot and Cast of Upcoming Netflix Movie

Recently, Romain Gavras Athena premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2022. According to the latest report from Deadlineimmersive modern tragedy Athena received a 4 1/2 minute standing ovation in the process.

Audiences couldn’t help but applaud and appreciate the film at the Venice Film Festival. Keep reading further to learn all about the movie Athena from its release date to the trailer to cast members.

Athena is a film that focuses on racism, violence, injustice and everything in between. We’re pretty sure Romain Gavras’ new dramatic thriller will be a revelation to many. People at the Venice Film Festival had nothing but good things to say about the film.

One user wrote: “Romanin Gavras hit the jackpot with the Netflix production, and put all the money to good use. I enjoyed that film and overall it’s pretty wonderful: the camera work is intricate and beautiful. The photography is great. The story is good. Acting is awesome. Overall 7/10″

What is the movie “Athena” about?

For those of you who don’t know, let us tell you that the movie Athena revolves around the tragic story of three siblings who live in unexplained circumstances and their life story takes a big turn when the youngest sibling dies in the middle of an alleged fight with the police.

Then, one of the brothers named Abdel, a soldier in the French army, is called back from the front and tries to calm the tensions that continue to accumulate between the illicit activities of his older brother Moktar and the desire to his younger brother Karim for revenge. He struggles to keep up with the escalating tensions between his two brothers.

In a media interaction, Romain Gavras mentioned Athena and said that Athena is “a story of fraternity and this family violence that will overflow the neighborhood and then the country. In civil wars, that’s it: brother against brother, family against family, then nation against nation.

‘Athena’ Movie Plot Explained

The plot of the film Athena begins with the strange death of a young boy who is survived by his three brothers and he leaves behind a grieving neighborhood in the nearby Athena housing project.

Athena is a modern Greek tragedy that tells the story of a soldier named Abdel who is called back from the front lines, when his youngest brother, a toddler, is believed to have been killed in a police incident.

Then, Karim, the younger brother comes forward and involves the youth of the city in a revolt against the police authorities. In the blink of an eye, their community turns into a besieged fortress. The eldest brother, Abdel, returned from the French army, faces difficulties in getting through the rising tensions and his brother Karim’s quest against the police.

Is the movie ‘Athena’ based on a true story?

In a recent interaction with Hollywood journalist, Romain said, “It’s not real estate. We called her Athena simply because we wanted to pull the thread of Greek tragedy, and of course Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom. So it’s not a real neighborhood, and it’s not based on a true story.

Gavras added: “It was based on a lot of stories. This riot hasn’t happened yet, but it’s almost as if it’s the riot that could happen. We wanted to imagine what the spark could be that could really ignite the whole country, and be there almost like a pre-Civil War first battle. Because there is a lot of tension everywhere in the world, but also in Paris.

Gavras continued, “And we feel like everyone is pushing towards that. And we know from history that civil wars are the worst thing that can happen to society. When you look at the Greek Civil War, it’s something that the men in my family went through — it’s like grandfather against grandfather; cousin against cousin. It’s the worst because it’s in the family. This is why we took the intimacy of a family torn apart, where their torments spread through the neighborhood and then throughout the country.

What is the star cast of the film?

The tragic movie Athena has an amazing ensemble cast. The film stars Dali Benssalah as Abdel, Sami Slimane as Karim, Ouassini Embarek as Moktar, Anthony Bajon as Jérôme and Alexis Manenti as Sébastien.

In a media interaction, Romain, the director of the film Athena explained that the film’s cast and crew rehearsed for almost eight weeks before shooting for 52 days outside the French capital and without CGI.

Gavras said: “The fights are real, the pyrotechnics are real. It’s always difficult to create the impression of chaos, hysteria and violence, but there was an almost military organization in the process.

The director continues: “We conceived and choreographed it almost like an opera, but always in a very realistic way so that the choreography does not make itself felt. There is heightened reality with very strong symbolism – almost mythological planes – superimposed on the present to create a sort of timeless war.

When will the movie ‘Athena’ be released?

We know you all can’t wait to see Athena, so mark your calendars as the tragic story will drop on streaming giant Netflix on September 23rd, Friday. The film hits screens at 12 p.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET. The total duration of the film is 97 minutes.

For his third feature film Athena, Romain Gavras has teamed up with former collaborator Elias Belkeddar. He also collaborated with his longtime friend Ladj Ly (Wretched) to write the script for the film. Besides that, Ly and Romain are also the producers of the film.

Can’t wait to see Romain Gavras’ Athena? Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming movie in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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