Best movies by director Ari Aster, ranked

In the midst of a sea of ​​modern filmmakers, the director Ari Aster Continually hypnotizes audiences with its superlative use of the bizarre macabre. The gifted director is known for his incredibly lopsided films which usually elicit a more massive response, leaving many fans constantly prepared for his next groundbreaking installment. Additionally, the 35-year-old director is a firm believer in taking cinematic risks in an attempt to elicit a more emotional response from his audiences. To do this, Aster masterfully includes a degree of personal loss and traumatic events when creating scripts for his projects.

As part of a partnership with A24, the collaboration has produced several breathtaking cinematic experiences that keep audiences glued to the edge of their seats. This monumental collaboration began with the psychological tale known as Hereditary, which sparked the young director’s film debut. More recently, Aster Environment created a memorable stir in the horror genre. Interestingly, Aster himself has stated that there were several horror films used as inspiration for the bizarre story starring Florence Pugh. Time and time again, Aster has ensured that his films are mentally, emotionally and most importantly, eternally. With the next of Aster Disappointment, boul., starring Joaquin Phoenix, slated for release in 2022, here are Ari Aster’s best movies to date.

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5 Fundamentally

best ari aster movies, ranked
Ari Aster

At the time of its release, Ari Aster was still a young filmmaker with a lot to prove in the world of cinematic genius. Yet the short film perfectly integrates its daring risks and highlights its emerging talent. Considered a collection of Aster’s “Portrait Series”, which he claims to be a “panoramic portrait of Los Angeles”, Fundamentally follows Shandy Pickles (Rachel Brosnahan), a wealthy LA socialite aspiring to be an actress. Initially, Shandy appears to viewers as a know-it-all with a perfect life and deep aspirations. Over time, Shandy’s environment and ambitions soon begin to crumble. Aster beautifully captures the short film in separate shots, including specific scenes where the camera barely moves. His steady movement and believable tone help further highlight the film’s appealing storyline, easily proving he’s one of Aster’s best.

4 Munchausen

best ari aster movies, ranked
Ari Aster

Relying heavily on stylistic imagery and creative shooting elements, Munchausen displays controversial behavior and psychological models of Munchausen syndrome. The plot centers on a mother (Bonnie Bedelia) who goes to unimaginable efforts to prevent the imminent departure of her college-bound son. The beautiful images in the film feature a variety of colors, as well as a warm and vibrant atmosphere that features the ideal childhood home and a perfect family story. On the other hand, the lack of dialogue allows the film to be completely reduced to traumatic events and calculated movements for mother and son in the midst of an inevitable separation. As such, the film focuses firmly on Aster’s common traumatic family trope, which translates into a heartbreaking end to a silent, yet hugely revealing, story.

3 The Strange Thing About The Johnson

best ari aster movies, ranked
Ari Aster

Ari Aster’s first (and longest) short is arguably the most disturbing of all. Moreover, his traumatic experience and food for thought later compare to the complexity of films like Environment and Hereditary. The plot follows a relatively normal family on the outside, though the inner shell contains much more intense horror than a string of traditional horror tropes. In the film, Sidney (Billy Mayo), a successful poet, has long suffered from the traumatic incestuous relationship at the hands of his son, Isaiah. What The Strange Thing About The Johnson does so well is to provide an unexpected twist to an established but horrific family event that often places the child a victim. Combine that with the standout performances delivered by Billy Mayo and Angela Bullock, and the tense short deservedly ranks near the top.

2 Environment

best ari aster movies, ranked
Square ankle; A24

Ari Aster’s highly successful tracking feature Environment has certainly met its fair share of criticism and debate. The disturbing story follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden to attend a sacred festival in the middle of summer. However, the psychological insanity also includes a significant subplot of family trauma and masked grief. Florence Pugh memorably plays Dani Ardor, a psychology student suffering from the unexpected murder-suicide of her parents and sister. Along with their distant boyfriend, Christian, the couple joined friends on a trip to HÃ¥rga, a community in Skanavadiva, after being invited by their Swedish friend, Pelle. Eerie sacrificial deaths amid religious worship seeking peace as an outsider, Aster performs perfectly Environment like a human horror experience.

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1 Hereditary

best ari aster movies, ranked

As scary as it sounds mentally and emotionally, Ari Aster’s feature debut shocked audiences in 2018 with Hereditary. The plot follows Annie Graham, a miniature artist, and her submissive family as their lives are drastically affected following the death of Annie’s low-key mother. What the family doesn’t realize is that Annie’s mother, Ellen, is embroiled in a mysterious, supernatural cult that continues to haunt the family in unimaginable ways. From the first jump, Hereditary implements his intentions like a psychological puzzle with clues and tips sprinkled like cinematic breadcrumbs. Plus, Toni Collette’s Oscar-worthy performance conveys a perfect message of family betrayal and brutal tension that further helps establish the film’s divine credibility. In such a terrifying film, which left actor Alex Wolff with persistent PTSD, he currently ranks as Ari Aster’s undisputed best.

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