Black Adam Director Explains Movie Isn’t an Origin Story

Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra explains how the upcoming DCEU blockbuster departs from the origin story formula of other superhero films.

black adam Director Jaume Collet-Serra recently explained why the DC Extended Universe movie isn’t an origin story.

Collet-Serra explained how black adam breaks with the established superhero movie template in an interview with Vanity Fair. “It’s not your typical superhero movie where a guy wants to be a superhero and gets the powers, and then you spend 50 minutes trying to figure out how the powers work,” he said. “It’s a movie where you introduce Black Adam right away, and then throughout the movie you slowly peel the onion and reveal what happened.”

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In the same interview, Collet-Serra admitted that he had never heard of Black Adam before star Dwayne Johnson approached him to direct the project. The filmmaker added that his lack of familiarity with the DC villain-turned-antihero gave him a lot to think about before he finally signed on to direct the film. Collet-Serra being a newcomer to the black adam mythos also apparently helped shape the film’s narrative, reflecting his own journey of discovery regarding the character’s backstory and motivations.

How Black Adam Impacts The Future Of The DCEU

Johnson would have played a major role in determining how black adamThe story of will also be represented on screen. The star previously revealed that he personally vetoed plans to chronicle the origins of Black Adam and his comic book rival Shazam in the same film, after arguing that this approach would do neither icon justice. “When we all read the script, I immediately thought, ‘We need to separate these two movies. We must honor Shazam! and that origin story and what it is and what it can be for the fans, and then we also have to tell our story as well,” Johnson said.

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Whereas black adamthe link with the Shazam! franchise ties it strongly to the DCEU’s past, a new report says the upcoming blockbuster will also reshape the future of the shared universe. Insiders who attended a recent test screening of the film say it now includes a post-credits scene that drastically changes Black Adam’s place within the DCEU, though exactly how he does this is unclear to everyone. the moment.

This report follows comments from producer Hiram Garcia, who previously insisted that black adam will expand the overall reach of the DCEU. “The excitement with Black Adam is that we’re using him to expand the DC Universe. I think with him as a breaking point we can now add the JSA and who knows what other characters are coming in,” he said. -he declares.

black adam hits theaters on October 21.

Source: Vanity Fair

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