BLAZE (2022) Movie Trailer: Julia Savage witnesses a traumatic event in Del Kathryn Barton’s coming-of-age film

Blaze Trailer

Del Kathryn Bartonit is Flambé (2022) movie trailer was released by Bonsai Movies. The Flambé trailer stars Julia Wild, Simon Boulanger, Yael Pierre, Josh Lawsonand Sophie Hampson.


Del Kathryn Barton and Huna Amweero wrote the screenplay Flambé. Sam Small and Angel Olsen created the music for the film. Jeremy Rousse designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

FlambéPlot Synopsis: “The coming-of-age genre is reimagined in this stunning drama about a family in crisis. Simon Baker plays the caring single father of twelve-year-old Blaze (played by Julia Savage), who goes off the rails after suffering trauma. Colorful and creative sequences immerse us in the psyche of our heroine, as she channels and explores her depression, anger and grief, in search of an appropriate way to express herself. Baker excels as a patriarch who is all too aware of society’s shortcomings and concerned to protect and support his daughter’s budding identity. It’s a cathartic and cleverly crafted film about a survivor, which delights the senses by merging fantastical sequences with the authentic reality of the lived experience of women.

On movie trailers

“A trailer (also known as a preview or attraction video) is a commercial advertisement, originally for a feature film to be screened in a movie theater/cinema in the future. C t is the product of creative and technical work… Trailers consist of a series of selected shots of the advertised film. [this advertisement] is to attract an audience to the film, these excerpts are usually taken from the most exciting, funny, or otherwise notable parts of the film, but in an abbreviated form and generally without producing spoilers. For this purpose, the scenes are not necessarily in the order in which they appear in the film. [This type of ad] must achieve this in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the maximum time allowed by the MPA. Each studio or distributor is allowed to exceed this deadline once a year, if deemed necessary for a particular film.


FilmBook Writer Jacob Mouradian saw again Flambé at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival and had this to say about the film:

The feature film trailer

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Blaze Trailer

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