Breaking down Penei Sewell’s Week 5 game against the Patriots

Penei Sewell turned 22 on Sunday. The Lions right tackle spent the day in the trenches battling the New England Patriots, who made it an unfortunate anniversary with a 29-0 beating from the Sewell Lions.

This week’s Spotlight movie review focuses on the birthday boy. Sewell entered the game as the highest-ranked right tackle in the NFL by Pro Football Focus. His precociousness is challenged by Sewell’s very rapid rise to the top echelon of offensive tackles in only his second season.

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Still, Sunday wasn’t his best game.

As we have been doing for the past few weeks, I went through both the broadcast stream and the Coach movie and focused on Sewell.

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I review and assign a simple plus or minus for each play, based on Sewell’s execution and efficiency. Not all games are worth a plus or a minus. I also apply my understanding of Lions offensive concepts and practices to help assess whether or not Sewell did the right thing on a play.

Sewell played right tackle on all 66 of the Lions’ attacking snaps. He got 24 ups and 11 downs, but some of those downs came at really bad times.

The first ride was quite emblematic of Sewell’s time. He gained two advantages for running blocks, moving his block mark and creating running space. But Sewell got a big minus in the final game, a 4th-and-1 where Patriots DT Christian Barmore whipped him with an inside swim move straight into RB Jamaal Williams. If Sewell wins this block, Williams almost certainly gets the first down.

The Lions’ third offensive possession is another where Sewell was truly great – until he wasn’t. He had four positives from the first six games, including two combination blocks that Sewell executed with textbook precision.

Alas, Sewell also landed a critical negative on a play where Matthew Judon beat him cleanly with a gentle inside-out tear and quickly turned the corner before the No.58 could recover.

Of the 24 pluses, 15 came on racing games. He had three minuses on running games. Sewell was on the hook for the sack above, but also three more pressures on QB Jared Goff. That leaves nine ups and eight downs on passing, and that’s not a good ratio for a tackle.

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