Charmed star hunts down serial killer in new Netflix movie

Netflix has released a trailer for its all-new movie Cheeky with Charm star Alyssa Milano as Grace, an author who tracks down a serial killer and seeks answers to her sister’s death.

From the 1988 novel Bronze virtue by Nora Roberts, The character of Milano is a “prominent mystery writer and crime expert” who travels to Washington DC after her sister summons her.

However, according to the film’s synopsis, “when her sister is killed and her double life as a webcam performer is revealed, Grace ignores Detective Ed’s warnings and gets involved in the case.”

Sergei Bachlakov / NetflixNetflix

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In the trailer, we see Grace tracking down her sister’s killer as more and more bodies appear. There are also hints of a budding romance between Grace and the detective in charge of the case as they pursue the truth together.

Sam Page plays Ed, the detective, and Cheeky‘s the cast also includes Malachi Weir, Barry W Levy, Colleen Wheeler, Lossen Chambers and Matthew Finlan.

Directed by Monika Mitchell, the thriller will debut on the streaming platform in a few weeks on January 13.

malachi weir as ben, alyssa milano as grace and sam page as ed in cheeky netflix movie

Sergei BachlakovNetflix

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This is Milano’s first standalone film since 2018, when she starred as Dora in Small Italy. His other film credits include Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Room pass, and new year’s eve.

Milano is best known for playing Phoebe Halliwell in eight seasons of Charm, as well as his activism in the United States.

She’s no stranger to roles on television since concluding Charm in 2006, after making an appearance in family guy, Chateau, Mistresses, Hot and humid American summer: ten years later, Insatiable, Tempt fate, Grey’s Anatomy, You are my home, and more recently in Comedy series The now on the streaming service The Roku Channel.

Cheeky, from the novel Bronze virtue by Nora Roberts, premieres January 13, 2022 on Netflix.

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