Chefs sign Josh Gordon – let’s take a look at the 2019 movie


Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has decided to kick the tires of another NFL veteran who hopes to reclaim lost glory. That’s wide receiver Josh Gordon – who was recently reinstated by the league and will be signed with the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad. Gordon achieved All-Pro status after his 2013 campaign, when he racked up over 1,600 receiving yards and caught nine touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns.

Since then, however, it’s been well documented how he handled drug addiction and repeated suspensions. He continues to have more opportunities, and maybe he can stay with the Chiefs.

He last played in 2019 for the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

It’s been over two years since Gordon hasn’t scored a touchdown in the NFL.

The last time he did it was Week 1 of the 2019 season. He caught a short pass down the middle and turned it into a 20-yard scoreline. He misses the first man and somehow maintains his balance to extinguish himself and make his way near the pylon before the defenders can reach him.

Gordon should have scored against the New York Jets in Week 3, but a bad fall resulted in a lost opportunity. You can see this is a simple fade concept, and Tom Brady places the ball where Gordon can easily catch it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t play the game.

There is no reason for this bullet to hit the ground. Gordon is an athlete superior enough to capitalize on these types of throws. Gordon struggled with a few drops in his last stint, but there are enough good films to warrant signing.

If Gordon can possibly be a third or fourth option in the receiving game and making big plays like this, it will be a successful addition. Gordon doesn’t have to be a 1,000-yard player for the Chiefs. He can provide a reliable scoring threat when Travis Kelce and / or Tyreek Hill are being plotted.

We know the No. 2 wide receiver position is currently a committee approach, so Gordon could potentially be relaxed in that rotation.

On the ceiling, Gordon can become a regular starter and relieve the pressure of the stars to consistently throw 100-meter performances. Other players need to step up, and Gordon has shown his ability to step up in past instances.

Another reason for bringing him in is the adequacy of the scheme. He’s versatile enough to fit into Head Coach Andy Reid’s system, which might be their first approach – special packages with specific games designed to acclimate him.

The bottom line

I don’t think anyone prepares him for other All-Pro seasons, but could he make a difference somewhere in a playoff game?

That’s what the coaching staff is looking to find out. In the end it improves this list a bit and maybe even a lot better will come January.

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