‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ Review: Chabert’s Hallmark Film with Festival Spirit

Spoilers for ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’

The Christmas season is fast approaching and Hallmark has already started treating its viewers with heartwarming stories on its network. As soon as the network announced the list of films to be released this holiday season, fans were really excited to hear about these projects. One of those films that caught everyone’s eye was none other than “Christmas at Castle Hart”.

The film revolves around a woman named Brooke (Lacey Chabert) who was recently fired from her waitress job and is now looking for another one. However, her brash sister Margot (Ali Hardiman) convinces her to go on vacation before attending to their work. The duo go on vacation to Ireland and get to know their Irish roots better. But everything changes when Brooke meets the person she has loved for a very long time. When they arrive, Brooke meets Aiden Hart in the local pub and soon finds out that he is, in fact, the Earl of Glaslough (Stuart Townsend).


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Aiden thinks they are top New York actors and asks them to throw a luxurious night out. Will she be able to do everything without Aiden knowing her reality? This is the main focus of the Hallmark Christmas movie and I have to tell you that “Christmas at Castle Hart” is without a doubt one of the sweetest Christmas gifts fans can expect.

Lacey Chabert and Ali Hardiman in ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ (Hallmark)

The film moves forward with Aiden believing that Brooke is in fact Paige Monahan, one of the biggest party planners in the United States, and he could use her help to throw a party that he and his sister Siobhan have planned for the Duchess of. ‘Abercorn (Kate O’ Toole). Brooke takes up the challenge and begins working on the event. In the process, Aiden and Brooke fall in love with each other. Sadly, the real Paige Monahan (Donna Anita Nikolaisen) learns the truth and flies to Ireland to see why these two women are using her name to handle such a big event.

The best thing about the movie is that it’s not an over the top romantic flick where the main actors do a lot of cheesy things to impress each other. The simplicity of these characters makes it a wonderful watch and even though you know Brooke is lying to Aiden, you support her because she makes Aiden and her sister feel better. The Hallmark Christmas Romance is a light and warm watch that is just perfect for this cold season.

Ultimately, just as hope was lost and goodbyes were said, happiness returns once again when Aiden gives Brooke another chance, resulting in a very happy and warm ending.

Lacey Chabert and Stuart Townsend look great with each other and make a really good pair. The camaraderie between them is the highlight of the film and every time they share a picture in the film we know something magical is going to happen. Chabert once again showed why she is the “Queen of Hallmark Christmas Movie”. She is so easy playing Brooke and gives another majestic performance that fans will remember for a long, long time.

Lacey Chabert as Brooke in ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ (Hallmark)

Meanwhile, Townsend is brilliant as Aiden. “Christmas at Castle Hart” is Townsend’s debut film starring Hallmark and it is certainly not the lost film. However, it is Ali Hardiman who cuts your heart with his role of Margot. The actress does a phenomenal job and tickles our funny bones with excellent comedic timing. Hope we will see her in many projects in the near future.

Ali Hardiman and Lacey Chabert in ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ (Hallmark)

“Christmas at Castle Hart” is a charming film filled with many exciting moments and heartwarming scenes. In the spirit of Christmas, we recommend that you get together with your loved ones and watch this movie because it won’t disappoint. It will also tell you that sometimes lying can also come in handy if it gives your partner everything they ever wanted. This movie is about love and love is all we need right now.

“Christmas at Castle Hart” is available to watch on the Hallmark Channel.

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