Clean trailer reveals that Adrien Brody is ready for revenge

Ah, yes, the canon of the film The Man in the Past. Some of our favorite entrees include Taken (and, controversially, its aftermath), You ain’t never really been there, and, of course, the Bob odenkirk-starr Anybody. Joining the fray now is To clean, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, and is set to explode in theaters and on VOD on January 28.

The film sees Adrien brody, the man with the questioned past, at his best: cradling a modern military cut and a cropped straight beard, he walks the dark, wintry streets of his local neighborhood, looking darker and darker. “We don’t need anyone to save us,” one of his worried neighbors told him.

But ah, touched: “I’m just trying to save myself,” he said, like a man with a past. “I’m always looking for answers, I don’t know the questions anymore. I have blood on my hands no matter how hard I try. I can’t erase the past.” Take a close-up on a bloody key. Yep: that’s the kind of glorious stuff we’re for.

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Collider spoke to Brody and the director of the film, Paul Solet, right after the film’s premiere in Telluride. They talked about what the movie is about, what interested them both in the entertainment industry in the first place, and how Brody has wanted to tell this story for ten years. In his words:


“I’ve known this man, I’ve wanted to tell a story like this for over a decade now. And I wasn’t sure how to go about it. And it was a real … a new chapter in my life, being able to find Paul, find someone to work with and help pull all these ideas out, and a fusion of all the characters and people in my life – growing up in New York. It’s a dream role for me. a very complex protagonist in an action thriller genre. As you’ve seen many movies, you know it’s hard to find something like that, especially for an actor. I’m really grateful that we were able to bring all of this these elements together. “

To clean also stars Glenn Fleshler, Richie merritt, Chandler Air-DuPont, Mykelti Williamson, RZA, Michelle wilson, and John bianco, and hits theaters and VOD on January 28. Check out the trailer below:

Adrien-Brody-et-Paul-Solet-Social Cleaner
Adrien Brody and director Paul Solet on ‘Clean’ and why it was a dream role for Brody

Brody also talks about season 3 of “Succession” and “Blond” by Andrew Dominik with Ana de Armas.

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