Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor fall in love on Mars

Warner Bros. unveils a trailer for the sci-fi romantic comedy Moonshot, starring Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse, premiering exclusively on HBO Max.

The trailer for Moon shot has finally arrived, starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor as star-crossed lovers. Directed by Christopher Winterbauer and written by Max Taxe, the film follows the co-stars as college students Sophie and Walt, who together embark on a journey aboard a space shuttle from Earth to Mars. In addition to the couple, the feature will also star Mason Gooding, Emily Rudd and Zach Braff.

Now, Pictures from Warner Bros. has shared the official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy from Moon shot. From the tune of Bazzi’s “Paradise” to BTS and Coldplay’s collaborative single “My Universe” playing in the background, the trailer begins with Sophie explaining the complicated long-distance relationship between her and boyfriend Calvin (Gooding) to Walt. After Sophie decides to join the Mars program to find her partner, Walt sneaks into the same space shuttle. As he begs Sophie to keep her dreams of going to Mars alive, newly discovered feelings begin to well up in the universe. Watch the full trailer below:


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The trailer reveals the first glimpse of the on-screen chemistry between the two, as their characters begin to fall in love on their way to the Red Planet. Although this is their first film together, Sprouse and Condor are no strangers to the romance film genre. Sprouse previously starred in the romantic drama five feet awaywhile Condor led Netflix To all the boys I’ve loved before franchise. As for how the stars will align for them, audiences will have to tune in when Moon shot premieres March 31, streaming exclusively on HBO Max.

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Source: Pictures from Warner Bros.

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