Cristobal Movie Review: 2018 Stanford and Washington


Mario Cristobal finished his race as Oregon Ducks Head football coach with a 35-14 record, including a 23-9 end in the Pac-12. Under Cristobal, the Ducks were 2-2 in bowl games, including the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl.

This series titled “Cristobal Film Review …” will cover one major win and one loss in each season Coach Cristobal was in charge of the Ducks from 2018 to 2021. We’ll be looking at data, quality of play and situational performance of each one.

Stanford 38 – Oregon 31 (OT)

In 2018, the Stanford Cardinal and the Oregon Ducks met on September 23. Stanford was 3-0 and placed 7th in the nation while Oregon was 3-0 and placed 20th. The Cardinal beat the Ducks in overtime at Autzen Stadium after overcoming a 17-point halftime deficit.


Stanford finished the game 5 of 10 on 3rd tries and 0 of 1 on 4th tries. Oregon was 9 of 16 in the 3rd downs and 1 of 2 in the 4th downs. The Ducks won the battle for possession but returned the ball three times. Stanford committed five penalties while Oregon committed four.

The Oregon defense allowed KJ Costello to throw three touchdowns on 12.6 yards per passing attempt. Bryce Love ran for 4.7 yards per carry and a score. Five Cardinal receivers hit double-digit yards per catch mark, including 21ypc and two touchdowns from JJ Arcega-Whiteside.

The Stanford defense recorded four sacks, seven tackles for a loss, four SEBs and one rush.

The Ducks offense averaged 3.6 yards per carry with three rushing touchdowns. CJ Verdell averaged 5.8 yards per carry alone. Justin Herbert threw a touchdown and an interception averaging 10.5 yards per attempted pass. Only three Ducks receivers were in double-digit yards by catch category.

The Ducks defense recorded two sacks, five TFLs, four SEBs and one haste.

Duck offense

Cristobal is going to want to control the line of scrimmage, the clock and win the matches 20-14. Oregon seriously won a 7-6 bowl game during the Mario Era at Eugene. Even with Herbert in QB, Cristobal let him do just enough to win 12 games in 2019.

Expect Tyler Van Dyke to have the same ups and downs depending on who the offensive coordinator is hired. Hebert was used in the running game as a threat to shoot and run, I can see Van Dyke is used in the same way. Ugly bags due to a lack of internal clock have occasionally injured Herbert in Oregon.

Above– In the era of Stanford football where their 3-4 defense was a dominant force, Oregon was able to lead football over the Cardinal. It’s great to see an O-Line push the Stanford Seven front around the 1st and the goal.

Above– The Oregon RB appears to have scored, but he is called back at first base. Now 3rd and goal out of four, Oregon suffered a bad snap which is the dynamic game of the match for Stanford.

Above– All the things you can replace Ducks for and put ‘Canes on your mind. Van Dyke and Xavier Restrepo must get into this type of action.

Duck defense

The Oregon defense stood against Stanford until the 2nd half. Where Stanford has adapted, Oregon has not. The Ducks have started to give up explosive games.

Above– 9 1??2 The ducks are in the box but that’s no problem for Love. It squeezes through a small hole and stays almost intact for the TD.

Above– One thing you have to love about Oregon defense is playing big in big situations. 4th and short, they stuffed Stanford’s attempt, which is huge considering the Cardinals were built for that exact situation in ’18.

Above– Oregon DBs have been in operation for years. This clip will remind you of Cannes cornerbacks and hopefully Mario finds an upgrade at CB Coach in 22.

Oregon 30 – Washington 27 (OT)

In another overtime game, Oregon dominated Washington 30-27. Unlike the Stanford game where the Ducks took a big lead, this game was neck and neck all the way.


Washington finished 6 of 13 in the 3rd downs and 1 of 2 in the 4th downs. The Ducks finished 9 of 18 in 3rd place and a ridiculous 3 of 3 in 4th place. Both teams returned the ball once and Washington edged Oregon in the TOP by just over a minute. The Huskies assessed the Ducks five penalties.

UW QB Jake Browning averaged 9.7 yards per passing attempt with a TD and INT. The Huskies’ offense ran for 4.3 yards per carry and two touchdowns. Five Husky receivers hit double-digit yards per catch against the Ducks defense.

Washington’s defense recorded just one sack, two TFLs, four SEBs and two rushes.

Herbert was limited to just 6.3 yards per attempt, but threw two touchdowns without an INT. Oregon ran for 3.6 yards per carry and two scores. The Ducks had just two receivers hit by double-digit yards per catch against UW.

The Oregon defense had one sack, five TFLs, two SEBs and two rushes. Both teams missed a basket in a three-point game.

Duck offense

With future NFL star Justin Herbert at quarterback, the Ducks still couldn’t handle more than 9 yards per passing attempt. Cristobal’s biggest blow to Eugene was unable to get the most out of Herbert or develop a QB after he left. Oregon relied on Tyler Shough and Anthony Brown, neither of which turned out to be anything spectacular.

Above– Hard count before the start of the GIF. I like it when it’s empty. The ducks also make a move to empty before the hard count. Knowing it’s empty it’s 3 step protection, you can’t hold the ball. In order to do shallow cross-work, Herbert hits the fade jumper, almost the footwork you’d see on a screen pass.

Above– When the game is in play, Mario will rely on his racing game. It’s the 3rd and the goal of six and Oregon delivers one in a standard running program.

Duck defense

The Ducks’ defense was good but not great in ’18.

Above– The game side edge rusher lost its content as it continued to leak, and the playing “CB” should have kept external leverage but was not. Either way, he has a 21 man rule (keep 21 men in front of you) so what he’s chasing I’m not sure.

Above– Oregon linebacker stuck on a TE after a reverse double pass. Like Hollins’ effort (# 11 for Oregon).

Above– RIP John Madden. The old school throws crack for a TD against the defense of the Ducks.

Above– DJ Ivey just said “Pick it up”

The scarf

The Ducks finished the 2018 season 9-4. The SP + (called S & P + at the time) places Oregon 41st overall. The Ducks were ranked 31st in offense, 50th in defense and 59th in kicks. Coming out of the end of the Mark Helfrich era, which was 4-8, and then Willie Taggart’s season alone, 9-4 is really not too shabby.

Oregon’s culture had collapsed. Taggart’s strength and conditioning trainer was a “#GrindSZN” guy who gave players rhabdo. Helfrich’s S&C coach was not developing talent. Cristobal appears to bring a lot of his staff from Oregon who have lost close and important games and suffered injuries to key players (Justin Flowe, Kayvon Thibodeaux, CJ Verdell).

The next time: Stop by next time as we take a look at the 2019 season opener against Auburn, and the Rose bowl Championship victory over Wisconsin.


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