Cursed Films Season 2 Trailer Reveals More Famous Movie Mysteries

For the past few years, Shudder has been a one-stop-shop for great horror genre content. One of the most popular shows on the streamer has been cursed movies. The series was recently renewed for Season 2 and now Shudder has released a new trailer teasing moviegoers what to expect from the upcoming season.

Season 2 is another “five-part documentary series that explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously ‘cursed’ horror movie productions.” This season, the show focuses on The Wizard of Oz, Rosemary’s baby, The Serpent and the Rainbow, stalkerand cannibal holocaust. The trailer begins by setting the eerie vibe for the new batch of episodes showing behind-the-scenes footage from each of the films as well as reenactment pieces. “When people watch movies that are super loved, and they hear stories about hardships or tragedies that happened on set, they keep attributing that production as a ‘cursed movie,'” said one of the people being interviewed. Then the trailer quickly breaks down each of the films individually.


We see more behind-the-scenes photos from the ounces together, the original poster of cannibal holocausta film slate of the Snake and the Rainbowbehind the scenes pictures of stalkerand raw footage of all of Rosemary’s baby. Then we see more teases from interviewees like Bill Pullman who played in Wes Cravenit’s The Serpent and the Rainbow. Pullman talks vaguely about disturbing things that happened before his co-star Paul Gulifoyle added, “supposedly the voodoo priest put a curse on me”.

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The images then move in The Wizard of Oz where someone says, “one of the munchkins hung himself. He wasn’t even noticed at the time of release. That brings us to Rosemary’s baby where a person says: “Chateau Guillaume(film producer)’s kidney stopped working. He was convinced he saw the reflection of the devil in the surgeon’s scalpel.” This takes us to a part of the trailer where they talk about the theory that if you make a “mean movie” you open to the dark forces. It is a superstition still respected to this day with films like Conspiracy have a priest on the board for any necessary protection.

All the movies in this new season have dark cobwebs that lead back to tragedies like Charles Manson murder Roman Polanskyactress’s wife Sharon Tate or musical legend John Lennonis murder. In the final part of the trailer, we see more behind-the-scenes images and footage from each of the productions which includes stills of the star. Judy Garland, open crypts and something igniting. The trailer ends with someone looking like Polanski saying, “Was this movie cursed? I do not know. It’s all part of the myth.

The first season of cursed movies was an excellent insight into not only the world of cinema, but also an eye-opening dissection of the deep tragedies of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films. There were so many fascinating insights from the filmmakers and film journalists interviewed for the series. This has made this show a must-watch for horror lovers and non-genre fans alike. With heavyweights like The Wizard of Oz and Rosemary’s baby, season 2 seems to have the same effect on its audience. Many moviegoers have heard horror stories about most of these productions over the years, and as the trailer says, this series will once again separate legend from truth. cursed movies Season 2 will premiere on April 7, 2022 on Shudder, and it was written and directed by Jay Cheel. You can see the full trailer below.


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