DEINFLUENCER (2022) Movie Trailer: The dark reality behind social media in the horror film produced by Mem Ferda

Deinfluencer Trailer

Jamie Baileyit is Disinfluencer (2022) movie trailer was released by black mandala. the Disinfluencer trailer stars Marie Luciani Grimaldi, Simon Phillips, Caylin Turnerand Anne-Caroline Binette.

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Are you here for the likes? Horror producer Mem Ferda discovers the dark world of texts, messages, selfies and chats.


The socially relevant horror feature DEINFLUENCER dives deep into the world of a social media “influencer” and what happens when the girl who seems to have it all gets kidnapped by an online predator. It’s the classic tale of the beautiful cheerleader – until it takes a dark, twisted twist. The film is an ode to the direction social media is taking. For some, going viral is worth dying for.

Speaking with Mem, he mentions, “It is worrying that young people can be easily lured and coerced into conforming to ‘artificial standards’ set by social media influencers and ‘celebrities’ in a desperate need to be accepted by their peers. I felt compelled to bring this issue to light by making the DEINFLUENCER and giving a horror
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Directed by Jamie Bailey
Produced by Mem Ferda
Featured; Marie Luciani-Grimaldi, Simon Phillips, Caylin Turner, Anne-Carolyne Binette
Executive producers: Michael Kraetzer, Sayf Aram, Nicolas Onetti, Rabia Mustafa
Composer: Darren Morze
Production director; Vanessa Kamer
Release date: October 1, 2022 (US)

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Deinfluencer Trailer

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