Director Neil LaBute’s film noir stars Diane Kruger and Jack Nicholson’s son Ray Nicholson

LOS ANGELES– The new film “Out of the Blue” is a nod to the old days of film noir.

Think 1940s “Double Indemnity” or “The Postman Always Rings Twice” — or perhaps, from the 80s, the hot and sexy “Body Heat.”

“Out of the Blue” features Diane Kruger and Ray Nicholson, the son of Jack Nicholson, who is working hard to carve his own path in the business.

In this film, he plays a young man who quickly falls in love with a beautiful but unhappy elderly woman.

Things quickly get carnal. Then she hints that life would be better if her terrible husband was dead.

“Like, in a way, you kind of know what’s going to happen, even though you’re enjoying the ride getting there,” Kruger said. “I think it’s a modern take on and a tribute to all those great movies that we all love.”

“Out of the Blue” is written and directed by Neil LaBute, who is best known for a play he wrote and later adapted for film, “In the Company of Men.”

Nicholson said he was a little intimidated when he found out he was going to meet LaBute for this film.

“I didn’t tell him that in the first meeting because I thought if I did that he wouldn’t hire me, but in college I had written an article about his movie, ‘Nurse Betty’ “, said Nicholson. “When I found out I got the job, I think actually when I first met Diane I was like, ‘I’m such a fan!’ and he was, like, ‘OK, relax.'”

Both stars said they are huge LaBute fans.

“His vision is very clear of what he wants to do. He’s not a pretentious filmmaker,” Kruger said. “I think he’s very aware of his strength. He’s a great writer, and you either like that or you don’t. It’s not like he’s trying to be someone that he is not.”

Nicholson said he was thrilled to work with LaBute and needed to stay safe or lose his dream job.

“At first I didn’t want to go out because it was the peak of COVID,” he said, “I thought if I had COVID I would be replaced immediately. So I just …I really wanted to do the most, and I really wanted to show up and have a positive attitude and be easy to work with, because that’s where I’m at.”

“Out of the Blue” is rated “R” and playing now.

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