Director of the first film shot in space: “I recorded scenes in a way that I could not even have imagined on Earth”


Russian director Klim Shipenko, who returned on October 17 from the International Space Station (ISS) where he participated in the recording of the first film shot in space, shared with MRT this Thursday his unprecedented experiences during the space trip that he’s already failing.

Shipenko, who spent 12 days at the ISS, with actress Yúlia Peresild, managed to record around 40 minutes of screen time for her groundbreaking film, which will be titled ‘Challenge’ (“Challenge”, in Russian).

Despite the warm welcome on the ISS, Shipenko reveals, filming turned out to be a real challenge, in part due to the lack of technical support. The filmmaker was forced to perform tasks that normally require the participation of an entire film crew, such as adjusting the lighting. For his part, Peresíld also had to take on other roles and temporarily worked as a makeup artist and decoration expert.

Despite the romantic perception of the lack of gravity As a free flight, the conditions aboard the ISS made filming difficult at times, although members of the Russian crew, who also participated in the film, provided assistance.

“When I was flying with a camera, one of them [cosmonautas] It kept me from banging my head with a lamp or something, ”Shipenko commented. It’s a problem there because when I look through the viewfinder I only see the viewfinder, I don’t see where I’m flying“he added.

However, according to the Russian director, the lack of gravity was also an inspiration factor. “It would be very unusual here if a person was on a wall. But it’s very natural there! I recorded some scenes in the way I couldn’t even have imagined on Earth“Shipenko said.

At the same time, he pointed out that the natural lighting of the ISS was “really magical” because of its resemblance to “rainbow lights”. “You can imitate him here but that would not have occurred to me,” admitted the filmmaker, who also revealed to have recorded several scenes where the phenomenon is appreciated.

The Russian director hopes the film helps people understand that “space can be closer to people.” On the other hand, he confessed that the trip was like a “Russian mountains”, but he’s ready to return to space “maybe not this week, but next Thursday”.

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