Disney’s Moana Sequel Series Has Its Director

The sequel series to 2016 hit Moana will bring back someone with deep ties to the franchise to lead the series.

Disney Announces Moana Animated Adventure for 2016

Upcoming Disney Moana The TV series added David G. Derrick Jr. as director, allowing him to continue the journey that first brought him on board with Disney when he worked on Moana back in 2016. The new series will bring back the Samoan island girl who has now become a leader and scout for her tribe, and is currently slated to hit Disney+ in 2024 after being pushed back from an originally announced 2023 arrival. it’s not yet known on the sequel’s casting to see if Dwayne Johnson could reprise his role as Maui, but with his busy schedule, the series’ delay could help him finish voice-over work for the role. if it includes.


2016 Moana was part of a string of huge Disney hits that played with the strength of having memorable characters, catchy songs, and the kind of flawless animation and storytelling that has become synonymous with the Disney brand. Telling the story of young Moana, a girl who sets out on a mission to break a curse on her Polynesian island with the help of the demigod Maui, the film received the expected wave of positive reviews as well as a string of awards. , including Oscar nominations for Best Original Song and Best Picture.

The announcement of Derrick’s appointment as Director by Disney Animation was followed by the filmmaker himself, who commented: “Working on Moana was a gift, personally and professionally. The film Moana captured and shared the spirit of Polynesia with the world. I am honored to continue her story and celebrate the rich and beautiful cultures of the Pacific Islands.”

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The Moana TV series will be the first project to come out of Disney Animation Studios in Vancouver

Disney's Moana Trailer #2 Journeys To The Monster Kingdom
Walt Disney Studios movies

Walt Disney Animation Studios has been working out of Burbank, Calif., for decades, but the new Vancouver studio will produce the Moana TV series as first project. As Disney continues to grow, with multiple franchises dominating lists of the best-selling movies and TV shows of all time, their Canadian expansion is one that has come at the right time, with the company looking to continue the growth of Disney+ and their cutscenes. production in the years to come, with animation continuing to be a big part of it as expansions from franchises such as Marvel and star wars, as well as the previously announced spinoffs of Big Hero 6, The Princess and the Frog and Zootopia.

Although we still know little about the Moana series, there have already been many fan calls for Johnson and Auli’I Carvalho to return for Maui and Moana, respectively. Clearly, Disney has been able to persuade a number of big screen stars when it comes to the MCU and star wars series such as Loki, the Mandalorian, and the next Secret Invasion and She-Hulk series, so there’s no reason to believe they won’t want to bring back those who made Moana such a success five years ago.

There is still a long way to go before we see Moana returning for its next adventure, but Disney’s decision to produce a series of sequels rather than just one movie shows that Disney+ will continue to see many more of their most beloved IPs branch out in new ways.

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