Every Clint Eastwood Slasher Movie, Ranked

Although he is best known for his work in thrillers or westerns, Clint Eastwood has starred in three slasher films. So which ones are worth watching?

Screen veteran Clint eastwood is perhaps better known for its western releases than its horror efforts, but how do the star’s slasher films rank against each other? Since playing The Man With No Name in director Sergio Leone’s iconic film Dollars Trilogy, the name of Eastwood is synonymous with the Western genre. The actor may have worked extensively in comedy, dramas, and more specifically crime thrillers as a cutting edge antihero in the Dirty Harry movies, but westerns remain the genre most associated with Eastwood to this day.

Despite this, Clint Eastwood has a weakness for slasher movies. Now, the actor isn’t a secret genre fan like Idris Elba, and horror movies don’t make up a large percentage of Eastwood’s credits. However, the popularity of the slasher subgenre during the ’80s meant that two Eastwood crime thrillers adopted the formula, while another earlier Eastwood effort was a surprisingly influential proto-slasher released before the genre. become popular.


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Play misty for me was the first director of Eastwood and away from the dark dramas or revisionist westerns he then directed. The tense psychological thriller was a hit upon release, and while it didn’t have as direct an influence on the formation of the subgenre as the 1974s Black christmas, foreshadowed the slasher setup in its story of an obsessive villain stalking and killing a chain of characters while stalking the protagonist. Eastwood’s other slasher films, meanwhile, were less risky endeavors as they came out at the height of the genre’s popularity. However, both Tightrope and The pool of the dead have their fans, making Eastwood obsessives wonder how his slasher works.

The Dead Pool (1988)

Comfortably the weakest Eastwood slasher, The pool of the dead is not quite the worst of Dirty Harry movies but nonetheless is not a franchise episode that many fondly remember. Despite early appearances from future A-listers like Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey, the all-too-familiar plot of this outing sees the anti-hero investigating a series of murders centered around the titular betting game. The pool of the dead feeling strangely lifeless. The series’ single cop action and horror elements in this sequel don’t freeze as well as the scorpion scary character of the original Dirty Harry and Eastwood isn’t at his most committed, but it’s still a solid outing for the actor and such a small-scale fun mystery.

Tightrope walker (1984)

Clint Eastwood in Tightrope

Starring Eastwood as a misogynistic cop on the trail of a killer targeting prostitutes, Tightrope is a dark, relentless, and surprisingly thoughtful examination of masculinity that doubles as an effective cooler. Eastwood’s amoral sleuth, Wes Block, must confront his own hatred of women to find the killer, making this neo-noir’s cat-and-mouse antics more compelling than most. Tightrope won’t be for everyone but for horror aficionados with a strong stomach this is not to be missed.

Playing Misty For Me (1971)

Eastwood’s directorial debut, Play misty for me is the only outright horror film in this ranking and it’s a bigger effort for it. Driven by an extraordinary central turning point by the late Jessica Walter, this potentially silly potboiler sees Eastwood’s radio DJ stalked by an obsessive fan after a misguided one-night stand. Walter looks superb in his screen debut, Eastwood mixes charisma, sordid and real desperation to great effect as a man trying to escape his lust, and as a whole Play misty for me extracts a tense and undeniably effective horror inspired by Giallo from what might have been an absurd premise. Scary and original, Play misty for me beats stiff competition from Tightrope for his status as At Clint Eastwood best slasher.

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