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The Fantasia Festival is an unmissable event for genre cinema lovers. Last year’s Fantasia festival was my first and it didn’t disappoint. The international film festival has been held in Montreal since 1996 and showcases the best in horror, science fiction and thrillers from around the world. This year’s Fantasia seems to be absolutely full of must-see cinema; from shorts and feature films to cutting-edge animation and documentaries.

This year’s Fantasia festival highlights queer genre cinema, Korean animation and 10th anniversary of the House of Psychotic Women. I certainly can’t wait to check out the selections from each of these projectors, but most of all I can’t wait to check out the following films; a selection of Asian thrillers, science fiction and horror.

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Fancy Festival

From South Korea, Special delivery will make its North American premiere on Fantasia’s opening day, July 14. Special delivery Star Park So-dam (Parasite)a driver tasked with a precarious mission to deliver highly valuable human cargo, while avoiding murderous henchmen and keeping his delivery safe. Special delivery promises movie-like action and thrills like Conduct and baby driver; I can’t wait to grab this one.

Detectives against detectives is another film making its North American premiere that seems to deliver non-stop action. This Hong Kong thriller, directed by Wai Ka-Fai, is about a group of vigilantes who call themselves “The Chosen Sleuths.” Set in a dark and gritty town, a retired and disgraced detective is tasked with arresting detectives and solving cold cases. If you’re a crime thriller fan like me, chances are you’ve been looking forward to this one too.


IFC Films

With a Belgian, French and Lithuanian team, Vespers will also make its North American premiere at Fantasia this summer. Vespers follows a young girl through the strange desert that our planet Earth has become, as she must use all her skills and wits to survive and protect herself and her paralyzed father. With Rafiella Chapman and Eddie Marsen, Vespers seems full of mystery and weird fantasy. This sci-fi thriller shows a beautiful, albeit destroyed, landscape and a terrifying dystopian vision of the future.

Hailing from the United States and making its international premiere, Next exit is an inventive speculative fiction story. When a doctor finds out that dead people can be found after they die, she recruits volunteers to help with her search. Katie Parker (The Haunting of Hill House) and Rahul Kohli (Midnight Mass) are two such volunteers; strangers who embark on a road trip together to meet their destiny and head for the afterlife. An eerie premise for a buddy comedy, this feature debut from Mali Elfman feels like gripping emotional sci-fi that will be hard to forget.

Bodies, bodies, bodies; chances are you’ve heard of it and are looking forward to it. Looks like it will be Gen-Z spring breakers (another from A24), Body Body Body feels like the kind of dark horror-comedy that only happens once every few years. A group of seven wealthy twenty-somethings (including Pete Davidson and Rachel Sennot) get together to hang out at a mansion and play games (like the titular Bodies Bodies Bodies); they do not know that a real body count will ensue. A slasher-movie for the internet generation. I’m a millennial, but sign me up.

The titles mentioned above are just a few of the dozens of fantastic titles showcased at Fantasia this year. The festival takes place this summer in Montreal from July 14 to August 3, 2022; you can see the complete program of films here.

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