Film review: Delicious will satiate audiences with its sumptuous and heartwarming tale

Many of us have probably never envisioned a world where restaurants don’t exist. French cinema, Delicious traces the origins of these humble establishments with a heartwarming history involving the French nobility. The result is a visual feast that will warm the hulls and satiate the appetite like a good Christmas dinner.

Eric Besnard directs and co-writes this film with Nicolas Boukhrief. Gregory Gadebois stars like Pierre Manceron, a hardworking chef. Manceron was employed by a straight and picky Duc de Chamfort (Benjamin Lavernhe The French dispatch). This period in history was a time when the reputation of the house could depend on the quality of the food that was served at its dinners. However, the masses in general barely had enough food to survive and this would only change after the revolution.

Manceron is both a proud and innovative cook, and Gadebois plays the role of the strong man with a tender heart. Manceron creates a potato and truffle pie for his employer’s birthday but instead of being hired, he is fired. His pride is hurt so he travels with his son to live in an inn in the countryside. This place caters to the traveling traveler whose only expectation around food is food, a simple vegetable soup is enough.

The mysterious Louise (Isabelle Square) asks Manceron to be his apprentice. At first, he is reluctant, but he finally accepts. The couple embark on a gastronomic journey of discovery and fall in love. Gadebois and Carré share enough sparkling chemistry for audiences to enjoy the unfolding love story. They are generating the seeds of an idea that changes history, to open a restaurant that will be accessible to everyone, not just the rich or the well-to-do.

Fans of Chocolate and Julie and Julia will enjoy the visual gastronomic delights on display. Sometimes they look like they are taken straight from an oil painting of a still life. Christophe Julien offers a smooth soundtrack. Director of Photography Jean-Marie Dreujou favors warm, earthy tones to make the film divine.

Delicious is a historical drama with some light touches of comedy. As we all wrap up another tough, Covid-filled year, this lovely story offers a great slice of escape. Delicious is a film full of many delicacies. Sit back, relax and eat it all.

Delicious Delicious


Delicious opened nationwide on Boxing Day.

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