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The official trailer for The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star doesn’t reveal a fourth lookalike, but it does explain Cousin Fiona’s return.

The official trailer for The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star doesn’t reveal a fourth doppelganger, but it does explain the return of devious cousin Fiona. Netflix’s hit vacation franchise returns for another installment in November after expanding last year with its sequel. 2020s The Princess Switch: Switched Again brought Vanessa Hudgens back in her dual role of pastry chef-turned-Princess Stacy and future Queen Margaret while upping the stakes and giving her a third character in party girl Fiona. Between all the lookalikes and the changes, The Princess Switch 2 naturally found time for many romantic vacation-themed adventures.

For The Princess Switch 3, Netflix seems to increase the hijink side of the franchise even more. Set to premiere on the streamer on November 18, the new film picks up after the events of last year’s sequel as Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy prepare to host a special international Christmas festival. However, things go horribly wrong when a priceless relic is stolen. To find the Peace Star, Stacy and Margaret must seek help from Fiona. She in turn brings a dashing stranger (Remy Hii), thus stoking old feelings.

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On Thursday, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for The Princess Switch 3. It contains everything fans expect from this series, from Christmas lore to another wild change between lookalikes. In short, he understands a lot of Hudgens. Scroll down to watch the trailer below.

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The Princess Switch 3 also brings back Sam Palladio as Prince Edward and Nick Sagar as Kevin. While the previous two films focused more on the romances central to the Hallmark-esque franchise, Novelist the star seems to take on a camper vibe by playing on the breakage element. Fans were hoping the third film would add yet another Hudgens character to the mix, perhaps through his non-Princess switch Netflix Holiday Movie The knight before Christmas. Instead, the trio found another way to raise the stakes by adding a flight, the mission to retrieve the missing relic, and including three women in the annual change.

But fear not, Princess switch fans, there will always be a lot of romance. It’s clear that Fiona has lingering feelings for Hii’s charming thief, and working together to find the Peace Star will bring them together in a major way. With the three lookalikes seeking to play a major role in The Princess Switch 3, Hudgens had to work overtime to keep them all right. Fans can see how it all plays out when the film debuts next month.

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