Five offensive games that led to loss in Seattle

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Trent Sherfield catches a catch in the second half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 5, 2021, in Seattle. The Seahawks 30-23. (AP Photo / Stephen Brashear)

The list of mistakes the San Francisco 49ers made when dropping their second game of the season in Seattle on Sunday likely resembles some of those received at the North Pole this time of year.

That being said, this week’s film review will focus on the five most critical mistakes made by the San Francisco offense.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite scapegoat, Jimmy Garoppolo.

1st and 10, San Francisco 23, first quarter

In the first offensive game following a touchdown pass to George Kittle, Jimmy Garoppolo made his first big mistake of the game. It is a simple play pass with only two receivers on the roads. Garoppolo’s first reading, basically his only reading on this piece is the Trent Sherfield crossover.

Garoppolo sees that Sherfield is going to be open and throws the ball too early. If Garoppolo holds the ball a little longer to allow Sherfield to clear the linebacker, it’s a big game. Instead, it’s the 49ers’ first turnaround, and the defense bail them out by holding Seattle. to a placement attempt that goes far to the right.

3rd and 8, San Francisco 8, third quarter

After a fumble by Travis Benjamin to open the second half, the San Francisco defense made a big turnaround when K’Waun Williams grabbed a deflection from the foot of Seahawks tight end Gerald Everett for an interception.

The downside to this exchange for the 49ers is that they take possession of the ball from their own three-yard line.

Facing the third and long distance, Kyle Shanahan claims a pass and Jimmy Garoppolo is sacked by Carlos Dunlap for a safety.
There’s a lot going on with this game, so let’s break down the two main factors contributing to its failure starting with right tackle Tom Compton. At the snap of the ball, Dunlap is able to punch clean Compton in the chest. This blow knocks Compton onto his back and Dunlap grabs Garoppolo’s collar to knock him down.

Now let’s take a look at the second factor in this room. Watching Garoppolo pull back, you can see he’s drifting slightly to his right. While that may not seem like much, this slight drift helps close the gap between the quarterback and the defensive player. If Garoppolo had fallen straight back, he might have managed to escape into the pocket to avoid the rusher.

1st and 10, San Francisco 35, third quarter

In the 49ers’ next possession after safety, Garoppolo completed a 21-yard strike at Brandon Aiyuk to get San Francisco out of the shadows of its own end zone. In the next game, he made his second big mistake of the game.
Garoppolo’s eyes on this piece should first be on Trent Sherfield running the deep crossing road from right to left, then on to George Kittle performing a dagger, up to Elijah Mitchell.

Sherfield is open on this play, but Garoppolo doesn’t see him and tries to force the ball to George Kittle. The pass sails high and is intercepted by Seahawks security Quandre Diggs.

With this play coming on first down and Garoppolo not clearly seeing the image in front of him, the smart play is to hit Mitchell on the checkdown and live to play another down.

3rd and 8, San Francisco 23, fourth quarter

Another room deep in the territory of San Francisco. Garoppolo finds Brandon Aiyuk open in the Seattle area defense and hits him. As the pass is a bit high, Aiyuk climbs up the ladder and puts both hands on the ball.

As Aiyuk descends, former 49er defensive back DJ Reed hits him in the back and Aiyuk is unable to hold the ball as he hits the ground resulting in a failure.

Instead of having the first touchdown near midfield, the 49ers are forced to put in and won’t get the ball back until 4:03 is left in the game.

4th and goal, Seattle 3, fourth quarter

San Francisco led the ball 95 yards in their last possession of the game. After a close failure against Trent Sherfield on the third down, Kyle Shanahan composes another play with Sherfield as the primary target.

The roads are going exactly as Shanahan laid out, George Kittle takes the linebacker to the top which opens the hole for Sherfield which is wide open. As soon as Garoppolo sees the linebacker moving with Kittle, he throws the pitch to Sherfield.

A problem. Right tackle Tom Compton was sent off for the second time on a key play from Carlos Dunlap who is able to raise his hand and drop the pass at the line of scrimmage to seal the victory for Seattle.

Good play call by Shanahan. Happy reading from Garoppolo. Better play by Carlos Dunlap.

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