“Friendship” Movie Review: Harbhajan Singh Turns Tamil Movie Hero Into Dull Watch


The Harbhajan Singh and Losliya-starrer is filled with college campus moments but little focus on any of its documents

If you’ve followed former cricketer Harbhajan Singh on social media, you know his love for all things Tamil. He constantly tweets in Tamil, a language he seems to love dearly.

And now he has become a Tamil movie hero, in college campus tale Friendship. There he plays a mechanical engineering student and is an integral part of the boys gang. Enter Anitha (Losliya), who continues to laugh and smile throughout her lessons.

The boys are excited about the only female presence in the classroom, but luckily there is no romance. But there’s a lot of friendship, as the title suggests, and the entire first half is nothing but a collection of footage that was probably written on one piece of paper: college kids are walking, schoolboys discuss, schoolboys laugh.


  • Actors: Harbhajan Singh, Losliya, Arjun
  • Director: John Paul Raj and Sham Surya
  • Scenario: A campus story about a group of friends and their trip

Just when we thought there would be more drama on campus, Friendship turns into a different beast. A powerful politician enters. A court case begins. How will it all end?

This genre leap may be new to Harbhajan, but to us unsuspecting Tamil viewers, Friendship is a dreary watch that focuses little on any of its materials. The only clever aspect of the footage, directed by John Paul Raj and Sham Surya, is that it mostly places Harbhajan among a group of friends and doesn’t get him to talk often (lip-syncing is terribly turned off). Even a cricket match, placed at random when something else is happening, is poorly executed; it looks like a computer game. Harbhajan’s debut in Tamil cinema is far from that magnificent sixer or fife the ace spinner would have hoped for.

Friendship is currently in theaters

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