GameStop Stonk Bros is right on Netflix movie trailer, they rally to unsubscribe to subscribe

Boy, the inventory bros and Redditors hate this.

On the main subreddit acts or “Dance the result is actually a great factor” there are a number of highly researched blogs describing this material as a dangerous portrayal of retailers, with many pleading with anyone who wants to cancel their Netflix accounts in retaliation.


The buds are crazy about the document for a few other reasons, the two giant issues that have emerged but unfortunately are not the expected loss of entry from traders on r/SuperStonk and r/WallStreetBets and because of the general lines of the band -announcement, spoken by Taylor Lorenz. The trailer ends with her seemingly laughing at the Redditors who have risen up to fight GameStop’s speedy dealers, announcing that Yolo is letting the financial system ruin. This line basically angered a select team of Reddit traders.

I can no longer cancel Netflix anyhow, women gave me an explanation. “Slater Netflix,” said one person on “SuperStonk.” Can you shut down Netflix and store a wad of cash for GME? answered otherwise. Most of us shared photos and other evidence of their cancellation. This isn’t the first time they’ve shared one. And various customers on r/SuperStonk didn’t believe in the idea of ​​rearranging a subtitle on a documentary that had never been released, but he also said that people should cancel them.


Nonetheless, on Twitter you can find outraged responses to Netflix’s trailer, with people claiming it’s just a blockbuster activity meant to trick retailers into looking awful. . Even Taylor Lorenz admitted that she was adamantly opposed to Wall Boulevard’s unfounded and unfair financial situation, calling it incredibly unhealthy. However, that doesn’t bother me. I think all it takes is a soundtrack from an unreleased film soundtrack to realize that it’s a successful piece.


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