Good Halloween movies on Netflix: 10 of the highest rated horror movies on Netflix UK

You can always bank on Netflix to release top-notch horror hits as Halloween approaches – and this year will be no different!

The go-to streaming service for horror-heads, this year’s spooky selection is sure to please those of us looking for a scare, as the platform loads a range of horror films that dive deep into different aspects of the genre – because not everyone likes a jump scare!

While the genre can be loaded with highly rated movies that can get you out of your skin, some moviegoers think the jump scare genre is a cheap way to terrify audiences and much prefer nightmarish hits that lead to something more. psychological. And who can blame them? Horror comes in many shapes and sizes.

Using film site Where’s The Jump, we’ve taken a look at the top 10 movies currently streaming on Netflix UK in October that are highly rated BUT don’t be fooled by the cliched jump scare.

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