‘Gray’ Movie Trailer Released in Hyderabad Elite Pro Basketball League

‘Gray’ Movie Trailer Released in Hyderabad Elite Pro Basketball League

The movie “Gray”, produced by Pratap Pothen, Arvind Krishna, Ali Reza and Urvashirai in the lead roles, was produced under the Unique Movies Pvt banner. The film, which is set to be released as a spy thriller, was directed by Raj Madiraju. Kiran Kallakuri acts as producer. The film, which opens with the tagline The Spy Who Loved Me, will be released soon.


As part of the promotions for the film, the trailer for the film “Gray” was shown at the Elite Pro Basketball League in Hyderabad. On the occasion, filmmaker Raj Madiraju said, “Our team is very proud to announce that the film, which was made in black and white almost four decades later, is Gray. Hope you all enjoyed the trailer. The film came out very well. Thanks to our hero Aravind Krishna for supporting me so much.

Media support is so necessary for films like this. I hope you all will definitely support me,” he said. Producer Kiran Kallakuri said, “Grey is a good thriller, the first film made under our unique Movies banner. After watching the movie, many people praised Madhubabu Shadow for being awesome in the novel. Our team is confident. Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success. ”

Hero Aravind Krishna says, “I love playing and playing basketball. The Gray movie trailer I watched is very happy to be released on Elite Pro Basketball League. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success. Gray is a very special film for me. Rishi is happy to be working with Raj Madiraju again ten years after the film’s release.

I will definitely do a basketball-based movie in the future. I play for Hyderabad in this league. I will join the team soon. Gray is a wonderful movie that you will all love. He said. The heroine Urvashirai says: “Gray is a spy movie. There are lots of twists and a powerful message. Thank you to everyone who contributed so well to my first film. Special thanks to the visionary producers who gave me this opportunity.

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