Gridman x Dynazenon trailer shows Studio Trigger crossover animated film

Prepare your access codes, because Gridman is back, and he’s not alone! The next project in the SSSS. Gridman the universe will be Gridman x Dynazenon, a feature film crossed by Studio Trigger which brings back most of the staff of the two shows, as well as the two titular giant robots: Dynazenon and Gridman. And we’ve got a teaser and some key artwork for the upcoming movie.

Akira Amemiya will return to direct the film for Trigger, with Keiichi hasegawa back to write the script alongside the returning staff character designer Masaru sakamoto, and composer Shiro sagisu. At this time, it’s unclear which characters from the show will return in the new film, but core members of the Gridman Alliance are expected to make an appearance. The teaser and key visual, however, mark the most important comeback: that of Gridman and Dynarex, standing next to each other.

Image via Tsuburaya Productions / Trigger

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SSSS. Gridman is loosely based on the Gridman the Hyper Agent live action tokusatsu 90s show later adapted in the United States as Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, and it tells the story of high school students who create a video game superhero, but realize the character is possessed by an interdimensional officer named Gridman, who fights computer viruses and demons.

The animated series takes a more mysterious approach, following an amnesiac high school student who meets Gridman, and is tasked with defeating a series of kaiju wreaking havoc in his town, while trying to work out why he lost his memories, and why no one in. the city notices or remembers the kaiju. The follow-up, SSSS. Dynazenon, while not exactly a direct sequel, takes a similar approach and follows a group of teenagers tasked with piloting a giant robot that can transform into a very cool T-rex / dragon hybrid and fight a group of kaiju checkers.


The two series sum up what makes tokusatsu so exciting, and magic shows as Power rangers, featuring characters you can relate to, stunning creations of creatures and robots, and mind-blowing battles where a giant robot dragon fights a giant monster. Yet the shows always know when to use action in the service of heartwarming emotions, delivering stories that are as powerful as they are euphoric. Plus, having Trigger on board to make it a feature film is enough to make it a highly anticipated title for every release.

There is no release date for Gridman x Dynazenon But you can watch the teaser and key visual below:

Image via Tsuburaya Productions / Trigger

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