Halloween Kills still puts Michael Myers’ death toll lower than Jason’s


Michael Myers drastically increased his numbers thanks to Halloween Kills, but he’s still a long way from Jason.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Halloween Kills, which is now playing in theaters and on Peacock.

Halloween kills is the latest slasher extravaganza to hit movie screens. Not only does the film continue the Michael Myers story, but it also exponentially adds more victims to its total body count. That being said, Kill Michael set a new personal record for most murders in any of his films. While some may argue that this makes him the slasher with the most kills in the genre, his exploits barely match those of Jason Voorhees of Friday 13.

Even though Michael was at the scene before Jason, his location at Camp Crystal Lake ensured that many more casualties would cross his path. Considering Jason never cared who got stuck in the way of his machete, it made it easier for him to rack up kills. In contrast, Michael had to hide in the shadows during the day before strategically and stealthily taking lives at night. It is only in more recent films that the character will become more reckless in killing his victims, eliminating large groups in the open.

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From a behind-the-scenes perspective, Jason’s huge box office appeal in the early years resulted in the studio giving the green light to several sequels. As a result, more movies were released in a shorter period of time than the Halloween movie theater. This allowed Jason to continue killing throughout eight films in the main series. However, it would only be Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason takes Manhattan that the ghost wearing a hockey mask would kill many people.

To get to the Big Apple, Jason hitchhiked on a passenger ship, taking a group of teenagers to New York City. On board the ship, he kills almost everyone on board. While only a handful of deaths have been shown, a slew of others have occurred offscreen with only the aftermath shown. However, when the ship set sail, at least twenty other students were on board. While it wasn’t shown, Jason had likely killed them all, killing just over 40 in one movie. At the time, that was an unprecedented death toll for the genre, but it was quickly surpassed once Jason’s rights went to New Line Cinema.

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After New Line got their hands on the Jason franchise, they sought to have him take on the Dream Master himself, Freddy Krueger. Before that, Jason still had some bloody adventures. In Jason x, Jason goes to space in the distant future. Upon waking up on a huge spaceship, Jason picks up where he left off and begins killing most of the crew. After killing the ship’s captain, the ship heads for a space station, killing thousands of people.

Halloween kills has undoubtedly shown that the competition for the number of victims between slashers is still very much alive. However, the film also showed that the creativity between the murders is also strong. There’s no doubt that Michael has been impressed with the death toll he’s killed in just one of his films, but he’s got a lot of work ahead of him if he hopes to beat Jason’s astronomical body count.

Halloween Kills is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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