Here’s Every Detail You Might Have Missed From Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer #2

Ahead of the film’s premiere this week, we’re readying the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer for all the details you might have missed.

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It’s been forty-eight years since director Tobe Hooper introduced the world to one of the most visceral horror icons of all time. When Netflix announced they would be resurrecting Leatherface for a new episode on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, horror fans went wild. With the resurgence of classic horror movies arriving these days with modern twists, there’s no better time than to reintroduce Texas Chainsaw to a new generation of horror fanatics, and Netflix is ​​the perfect platform. The new trailer that was released contained many Easter eggs not just what we can expect, but exactly what kind of movie it’s going to be.


Trailers often give away too much of a movie’s best parts. They show all the best comedy scenes for comedy, all the drama for romance, and all the jump scares for horror. Sometimes the vaguer the trailer the better, but after catching a glimpse of Leatherface’s rotting skin mask, it’s almost impossible not to want more. So sit back, relax and let’s take another look at the second Chainsaw Massacre trailer for any details you may have missed.

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Same horrors, new home

the 1974 Chainsaw Massacre was shot near Round Rock, Texas on an early 1900’s farmhouse. The original house has since been moved to Kingsland, TX and now serves as a functioning cafe. In the new trailer for Chainsaw Massacre, an exterior facade of the house is shown. Upon closer inspection, one can determine that the house is completely different from the original house. Presumably the family may have had to move to avoid being found after Sally reported them and was eventually picked up by the truck. Hopefully this will be explored in more detail in the new installment of the franchise; however, if not, it’s definitely a detail that can be easily overlooked.

Replace Sally Hardesty

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Sally Hardesty, the Last Girl, was played by Marilyn Burns in the original 1974 film. She even reprized her role in the 2013 remake. In various interviews, it has been said that of the entire cast of the 1974 version , she was the one who was most optimistic about the making of the film. The rest of the cast thought the movie would be scrapped and all their hard work under terrible working conditions would be a waste. Sadly, the optimist Burns passed away in 2014, leaving the 2022 film to find a replacement that would go almost unnoticed. Looking closer at the trailer, it’s easy to see that the new Sally looks almost nothing like the original actress. Luckily, the film is set nearly fifty years after the original, so any facial discrepancies can be easily explained.

Millennial Massacre


One of the most shocking aspects of the 1974 story of Texas Chainsaw was how desolate the town of Texas was. Once the slaughterhouse closed, any traffic that might have passed essentially ceased, hence the reason the Sawyer family began selling human barbecues at the gas station. According to the story, the original group of teenagers were only supposed to cross when they were on their way to their family before being interrupted by the hitchhiker. If you listen carefully to the new trailer, it’s explained that the town of Harlow, Texas would be the perfect place to rebuild.

The modernization and gentrification of old cities is happening all over the country. The idea of ​​gentrification in terms of Texas Chainsaw is that the millennials who find themselves trying to capitalize on Harlow’s potential haven’t taken the time to learn the real story. Which can be interpreted as a direct commentary on young horror fans and their elevated view of horror. Just like the premise of Halloween 2018, Lori’s family doesn’t understand the true horror of Micheal Myers until they face it themselves, and it’s up to Lori to save them. Looking closer at the trailer for Texas Chainsaw it looks like the same is going to be true in terms of Sally’s return.

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A man of many masks

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If you are a fan of Chainsaw Massacre franchise, you know that Leatherface is a man of many masks. Whether it’s its iconic original skin mask or the most standout female makeup mask, Leatherface commands attention. However, in the new Netflix episode, it looks like he’s seen better days. The trailer doesn’t give much in the way of gruesome horror. Still, it leaves no room for surprise for Leather’s new look. Looking closer, you can see that the mask almost looks like rotting skin. It is thin, droopy and even has a different shade. Not to mention how stingy her hair is compared to previous masks. It’s a direct commentary on how much time has passed and how limited his resources must be. The release of the new trailer only increased the excitement for Chainsaw Massacre, and despite the passage of time, whether old or in the prime of life, Leatherface is still one hell of a horror icon.

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