How Steven Spielberg convinced a Game of Thrones director to direct the movie Tom Hanks Robot-Dog


You would think that making a decision like leading a Tom Hanks robot dog movie like Bullfinch would be obvious. For director Miguel Sapochnik, it absolutely was, and the concept behind the film was so solid that he was on board after pitching the script. But perhaps the biggest signal Sapochnik was willing to give Bullfinch in The latest original Apple TV + movie was the fact that Steven Spielberg himself called the Game Of Thrones director to discuss his realization.

While chatting with CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell, the Bullfinch The director discussed a very special phone call that helped cement the film in more ways than one. This first conversation between Miguel Sapochnik and Steven Spielberg was especially vital, as she found the film at Amblin Partners. But as Sapochnik also revealed while speaking to CinemaBlend, he also ended up with the ride in regards to Finch road trip in production:

One of the things that happened when I was first approached by Amblin to do the movie, we had been shopping for him in town and I was in Belfast in season 8 (of Game of Thrones), and I got home and got a phone call saying, “Steven Spielberg is going to call you in the next 15 minutes. I bricked it. Like, I just didn’t know what to do with myself! … Then the phone rang, and it was him. It was very easy to talk to him, and I sat in my kitchen for three quarters of an hour and we talked about movies, and this movie.

Talking to Steven Spielberg about movies is something that feels like a magical experience for anyone who experiences it. Even more when it comes to a Tom Hanks movie like Bullfinch, which has been built over time and collaboration outside of those conversations. As he describes the screenwriting process by screenwriters Craig Luck and Ivor Powell, Miguel Sapochnik’s enthusiasm for getting Bullfinch in combat form is palpable in this interview, and even in the film’s press notes.

Which leads to the next part of Miguel Sapochnik’s conversation about how Bullfinch finally found the action tone for his post-apocalyptic road trip with Tom Hanks. As he continued to speak with Steven Spielberg, the idea for the film continued to change thanks to very local inspiration. Seeing that the film had become a project under the Amblin Partners banner, Spielberg’s legendary sincere adventure brand became part of the coding that would do Bullfinch the story you see today. Sapochnik’s Amblin experiment took off, as he describes below:

One of the things that came out of our conversations was the idea of ​​”What is an Amblin movie?” And I think Amblin is that kind of – they’re adult family movies. They have a certain quirk. There is a certain darkness in them. But in the end, they’re made for families. They may not be family films in the conventional sense. But they are made for fathers and sons, for mothers and daughters. They are made for people to interact and converse. They are built on people’s memories. Their nostalgia, their dreams and their aspirations. And I have the impression that Steven was interested in this film because for him it fell into this territory of Amblin. Once we talked about it and got a better understanding of what they were looking for, I feel like I steered the film towards that as well.

Originally intended for a theatrical release via Universal Pictures, Bullfinch ended up becoming another Apple TV + exclusive, much like Doggy style, that would see Tom Hanks Expands Streaming Market. To some, this might have been a sign of loss of confidence, but the critical reaction to the film so far dispels that notion quite well. While this bodes well for Steven Spielberg as well, as its future in the streaming market looks pretty bright too.

If anything, get Bullfinch to the masses would only strengthen the profile of the film, especially if it is an Amblin-style film that families can enjoy together. Currently available exclusively on Apple TV +, Bullfinch is a refreshing and healthy version of the apocalypse. But if you’re curious about whether it’s safe for your family to enjoy it, we’ve covered this topic. Otherwise, enjoy the movie, and don’t forget to check it out the 2021 release schedule to help you lock in the rest of your movie year. Last but not least, you can find out more about Tom Hanks’ next projects, and when to expect them.

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