Is Liam Neeson Really Giving Up Action Movies? What the Blacklight actor has to say

It’s been almost fifteen years since Liam Neeson’s career hit new heights when the actor made a famous phone call in a movie Taken. Of course, it has become a modern classic and among the best action movies for some time. Since talking about his “special set of skills” in the 2008 hit (much to the dismay of the actor), Neeson continued to star in more stunt films as the 1970s approached. How far would the actor’s career as an action movie star go?

Liam Neeson’s latest action movie is Black light, which hit theaters this weekend. The film comes shortly after the actor said this time last year that he was plans to retire from the genre very soon, but was he serious? Here’s the latest, in the actor’s words:

I’m 70 this year, so I’m still getting by. I think action movies are coming to an end – they have to. The public is not stupid, you know. They’re going to say ‘Oh, fuck that guy, Liam Neeson’. He must have 71, 72, 73…’ I’m going to stop at some point.

Neeson shared that he still plans to quit the slick action movies he became famous for soon while speaking with Today. He jokingly attributed the decision to the public, who he says will not be aware that a man in the 70s, 80s and 90s is an action star. Of course, there are quite a few actors who have broken the mold and made it as older actors. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 74 years old and reprized his role in a terminator movie not so long ago. Similarly, Sylvester Stallone is 75 and recently wrapped on Consumables 4.

Liam Neeson’s latest action flick has the actor playing an FBI agent named Travis Block who uncovers a conspiracy theory within the government. To verify the trailer for Black light:

Critics have not been kind to Black lightwith Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal saying it’s “not a movie at all” among other similar sentiments. Moviegoers are mixed Black light so far and in its opening weekend, it’s not expected to impress with a projected $2.9 million domestically.

Coming next, Liam Neeson has two more action thrillers he’s already filmed. One is called Memory and the other is called Punishment. He’s also signed on for a few other movies that seem to fall into the same genre, so while the actor prepares to switch gears, as he said, maybe to English romantic comediesdon’t expect him to go cold turkey afterwards Black light.

Liam Neeson certainly has a range, and after a massive era of exploring his weak spot in action, we could see him taking on all kinds of different projects unarmed.

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