Jamie Lee Curtis recalls his work on John Carpenter’s The Fog

Jamie Lee Curtis recalls her work on the 1980 horror film The Fog, thanking John Carpenter and Debra Hill for believing in her.

Jamie Lee Curtis recalls his time working on John Carpenter Fog. After the success of Halloween in 1978, Carpenter directed Fog, a ghost story about sailors killed 100 years ago in a shipwreck near the California coast. A little like The thing in 1982, Fog was not well received when it was released in 1980, but is now considered a horror classic. A remake came out in 2005 starring Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, and Selma Blair and received horrific reviews from fans and critics alike.

Carpenter had been directing shorts since the ’60s, but didn’t start gaining major recognition until after Halloween. This was around the same time that Curtis was starting to gain popularity, who had only appeared on TV shows before his big breakthrough in Halloween. Curtis’ early acting career focused on horror, but she has since grown to be known as a diverse actress, appearing in a wide variety of projects over the decades. However, Curtis has often been brought back in the horror genre. She reprized her role of Laurie Strode for five Halloween sequels, with its sixth coming later this year with Halloween ends.


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Although she is better known as Laurie Strode, Curtis recently took to Instagram to recall her work on Fog. Walking in the fog the night before reminded him of his days in the horror movie. She also expressed how grateful she was to Carpenter and Debra Hill for writing the role for her, especially since she was struggling to find work. The actress’ original post can be read below:

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Over the years, fans have turned to Carpenter to make sequels to some of his most popular sci-fi and horror films. A first choice is a sequel to The thing, which originally left the fate of MacReady and Childs unknown. A sequel has yet to come to fruition, but in August 2020 it was reported that a reboot was in development. Carpenter expressed interest in doing They live 2, which could be an intriguing comeback for the director given the current political climate in the United States. Carpenter hasn’t directed a movie since 2010 when The room is out, so it’s unclear if he would actually return to direct a sequel to one of his films. Yes The fog 2 ever advances, it is more likely that Carpenter would act as a writer, producer and / or songwriter.

Given that the horror genre still looms large in Curtis’ life, it’s only natural that she thinks back to her early acting days. If it hadn’t been for Carpenter’s Halloween, she may never have had the chance to prove herself as an actress. Fog It might not be his best-known film, but it was some of his early successes, and it’s clear Curtis has fond memories of his work on the film. It’s too early to tell if The fog 2 would include the character Elizabeth Solley, but if the sequel moves forward, it’s possible Curtis may be interested in returning.

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