Justice League dark movie story details revealed by Guillermo Del Toro


Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro reveals details about his scrapped Justice League Dark movie and admits to being more of a DC fan.

Guillermo Del Toro unveils plans for his abandoned Dark Justice League movie. DC Comics features a wide array of supernatural-themed heroes and teams, including the Sentinels of Magic and the Trench Coat Squad, but in 2011 when New 52 launched they got a hit. significant boost with a new team book, Justice League Dark. The initial team consisted of Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, Madame Xanadu, Shade the Changing Man and ultimately Swamp Thing.

In 2012, just a year after the team made its comic book debut, Guillermo Del Toro began talks to make a film adaptation of Justice League Dark. Del Toro remained committed to the project, which was under the title of Dark Universe before Universal took that name for their cinematic universe planned until 2015. Yet the film still remained in development at Warner Bros. After his departure, Doug Liman (Bourne’s identity) signed on to direct in 2016, but left the project in 2017.


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In an interview with Josh Horowitz at the Confused sad happy podcast Via Comicbookmovie.com, Del Toro has revealed some details about his plans to bring Justice League Dark to the big screen. Del Toro reveals that his team lineup would have had Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, and Kloarian the Witch Boy. He gave his affection for the DC Universe and how he was always more of a fan of these comics, including how he wanted to be inspired by Alan Moore’s portrayal of Constantine. Del Toro said:

“I took a bit of the opening from the Alan Moore Constantine. And I took the dynamic between [Abby Arcane] and Swamp Thing, and I took the kind of revealing moments where Deadman enters a body, how he would experience the consciousness of that being. And one of my all-time favorites is the Etrigan Demon. I love this character. Zatanna is really, for me, another character who is really powerful and effortlessly interesting. I was trying to mix that up with Klarion the Witch Boy … I was [always] a guy from DC. “

Zatanna holding Constantine by the neck as members of Justice League Dark watch

Since Del Toro left, the Justice League Dark project at Warner Bros. underwent more developmental changes. In January 2020, JJ Abrams and Bad Robot teamed up with Warner Bros. to develop film and television projects based on the characters of Justice League Dark. Since then, several projects have been given the green light, including a Zatanna film by Promising young woman screenwriter Emerald Fennell and a Constantine and Madame Xanadu series in development at HBO Max.

Justice League Dark, alongside the original plans for the Hobbit movie theater, Hellboy 3, and The haunted mansion Like Del Toro’s projects, fans will always be left wondering what could have been. Del Toro’s previous entries into the superhero genre like Blade 2 and the Hellboy the movies, alongside his affection for the supernatural and monsters, made him the perfect candidate for the project. Yet since the start of development Dark Justice League as a film, the director has moved on to a wide range of small personal films like the Oscar-winning film Form water, the recently published Alley of nightmares, and the next Netflix movie Pinocchio which showcases the director’s visionary eye for non-franchise material.

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Source: Comicbookmovie.com

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