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They are designed to come out of water, sand and dirt ready to shoot.

Official script: “Wounded as a tank driver in 1941 during WWII, Kalashnikov sees the last Soviet machine gun fail. As he is also an inventor, he begins to seek improvements and in 1947 ends up with the AK-47 assault rifle.

A friend told me once that he forgot to clean his AK-47 after taking it out and firing it. He brought it back wet and dirty. The next time he caught it, it was rusty. He hit it a few times to loosen it, then he pulled like it was brand new. They are designed to come out of water, sand and dirt ready to shoot.

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This is a Russian film about Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle. While the film tells the story of the invention of the classic assault rifle, it shows the perseverance required to pull off almost anything. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Yuriy Borisov plays the role of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Yuriy Borisov plays the role of Mikhail Kalashnikov, who grew up tinkering with various equipment. It was an uphill battle. His rifles weighed more than the others and looked more homemade. Most experts didn’t even want to examine it until they saw the tight patterns on the target sheets.

Olga Lerman’s character works in the weapons development camp. She warns Kalashnikov that she is there to help, but not to be grabbed and pinched. Mikhail falls in love, of course.

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Official trailer – imdb.com/video/vi1408090393

A user notice:
a BIG 10 stars!
” A very good movie. It shows the real atmosphere of war, with good and bad, struggles, realities and AK-47 fking! A small criticism that I have. What I wanted in this film was to see him talk about the technical parts of the AK-47, the mechanics behind… and so on.

Olga Lerman’s character works in the weapons development camp.

I laughed when Kalashnikov in his old age said he was upset that many countries were building his AK-47 without a license :))) I remembered a complaint from Bill Gates about Windows, the exact same speech: )))

No doubt, a great man! Rest in peace Kalashnikov 🙂 ”

I found the movie on IMDB. From the opening streak of Mikhail driving a burning T-34 at the Germans to work and the effort involved as well as the rejection, I loved it all. It’s worth watching even if you hate guns, but if you love guns you’ll really appreciate the love and care that went into the development that started with one man, but has ultimately involved hundreds of people.

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“About 100 million AK-47 assault rifles were produced in 2009, and about half of them are counterfeit, manufactured at a rate of about one million per year.” – Wikipedia

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