‘Karen’ BET movie: Black Twitter reviews horror movie on White Privilege


THEAnd I begin by admitting that I haven’t seen the movie “Karen”, which aired on BET Tuesday night. I’ll probably end up hating watching it, but I’m in no rush because if I wanted to watch racist white women titled and allergic to leaving black people alone, I could just, well, continue to exist in America and I know it won’t be long before a new episode comes my way.

Until there, movie examiners appear come to a consensus that “Karen” is nonsense bad movie it’s still slightly fun and entertaining, especially for black people who will appreciate the justification provided by the film, as each of us has lived this horror story our entire lives.

So, since I can’t rightly give you an educated review of the film, which we knew from the trailer Essentially was going to be a Great Value knockoff of “Get Out”, instead I’m going to review the comments on the Coke Daniels movie from one of my favorite sources of entertainment and reliable documentation: Twitter black.

Let’s start with a tweet that brings up a point I alluded to earlier and asks the most obvious question: why we the target audience of this film?

Bruh, seriously! We can’t barbecue in the park, bird watch, or even take a flight without watching the real version of this movie. Showing us this movie is like taking Tyler Perry to a bad wig festival.

Talking about that…

No, for real, what’s going on with the lice breakout with that wig?

Obviously, many viewers of the melanin-rich variety thought it was more of a comedy than a horror movie.

Other viewers knew straight away that the real horror here would be the act of sitting down for the 89 minutes of that Dumpster Dumpster fire in the movie D.

Obviously a lot of the tweets about this movie include spoilers so I can’t give you all of them here, but I will act in my official capacity as a non-bad movie viewer reviewer and give the review five stars. from Black Twitter. , a 10/10 and a 100% on whatever black alternative to Rotten Tomatoes.

I highly recommend it.


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