King Of The Hill Reboot May Properly Use Its Fake Sci-Fi Movie Story

King of the Hill is known for its dry comedy, but an abandoned sci-fi movie script from 2000 can freshen up the revived series while honoring its canon.

king of the hill can use the fake sci-fi movie story of the 2000 series in the highly anticipated reboot. The realistic humor of king of the hill made it into a standout animated sitcom during its original 13-year run on Fox and it’s the same element that still attracts new fans. However, the series’ fictional sci-fi film storyline has legs and will fit right into the revitalized series.

The sci-fi “movie” was actually a fake trailer, originally produced in partnership with the Will Rogers Institute to stimulate dealership purchases of the Will Rogers Summer Combo Packs, with proceeds going to lung disease research and education. The film’s fake trailer opens with Hank (voiced by co-creator Mike Judge) and his wife, Peggy (Kathy Najimy) presumably in Washington DC, standing in front of a destroyed White House with a spaceship lodged inside. front of the building. Having “saved the world from aliens“, Hank and Peggy watch their now 50-foot teenage son, Bobby (Pamela Adlon), and an unseen friend, king of the hill fan favorite character, Dale Gribble (Johnny Hardwick). Dale, of course, is Arlen, a Texas resident conspiracy theorist and one of Hank’s best friends. Hank then asks a genius named Shabu to return his world to normal.


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king of the hill treated audiences with its down-to-earth approach to comedy for decades, gaining a fervent following through its subsequent syndication. The dry but subversive humor will no doubt show up in the series reboot. Original co-creators Judge and Greg Daniels are at the helm once again and much is expected from the show’s second outing, including answers to king of the hill key questions. Existing king of the hill fans and newcomers to the series alike would benefit from Judge and Daniels expanding on their original formula by incorporating unpredictable storylines, starting with the sci-fi bones provided in the film’s fake trailer.

king of the hill bill hank dale boomhauer

Conspiracies surrounding extraterrestrial life are not foreign territory to king of the hill and Dale is the main culprit. In Season 6 Episode 14 “Of Mice and Little Green Men”, Dale becomes convinced that his son Joseph (voiced by Breckin Meyer from 2000 to 2010) was fathered by an alien. Dale explains to Hank that his wife was impregnated by aliens to distract him from “come too close to the truth.“Dale’s well-established knowledge and obsession with aliens allows writers to explore a different take on the shows’ storylines while honoring the king of the hill cannon.

And if there was ever an Arlen native willing to hunt down alien invaders, it’s Jeff Boomhauer (judge). The series finale exposed Boomhauer’s job as a Texas Ranger, something he never revealed even after sharing beers with Hank and his friends in their sleepy suburban neighborhood for years. While Dale is the quintessential government skeptic, Boomhauer could appear in a sci-fi scenario as an agent armed with his friend Dale’s information and the know-how to disrupt alien plans with brute force. Hank and the last ally of their group, Bill Dauterive (Stephen Root) would be in the game.

king of the hill has a legacy of its own, but revivals beg to be reinvented. Long-running anime series like family guy have benefited from the introduction of science fiction plots into their canon, in particular thanks to their famous star wars parodies. family guy the writers retain the comedy’s original flavor but apply it to a world far removed from patriarch Peter Griffin’s home in Quahog, Road Island. king of the hill can take an important note from its sitcom peers and deliver its forgotten foray into sci-fi. New episodes can take inspiration from any source, and there’s nothing better than this uncharted deep cut.

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